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DA Felt Frame, Fork, Seat Post plus EXTRA's
CREATED: 12/20/09 by Irunman REPLIES: 1
Irunman    JOINED: 7/15/09    POSTS: 9
DA Felt Frame, Fork, Seat Post plus EXTRA's
POSTED: 12/20/09 10:21 AM

This is what you get: 56 cm DA Felt FRAME, FORK, SEATPOST Plus comes with a '09 FSA NEO PRO CRANKSET, Easton EC90 Carbon Fiber Attack TT bar, Cane Creek 200TT Carbon Fiber Brake Levers. (The picture shown is after a total Build, NOT what is for SALE, you only get the items mentioned at the beginning of this ad)
I bought this Frame NEW in January of '09 Rode it one season, had a great season, it is a wicked Fast bike. I outfitted it with light and fast accessories, whoever ends up with this bike will be on podiums in '10. The only reason I am selling it is because, I am getting a brand new bike because of the great season I Had. These exact frameset's are still selling from Bike shops for around $2,700 you can ck around. Below are the specs on the bike, Crankset and Handlebars. If you want additional pictures or want more information please let me know.
Price: $3,000 Certified Ck or Pay-Pal
Shipping: $55.00

UHC Ultra Hybrid Composite Modulus Modular Carbon Fiber Fork
Felt Bayonet SL UHC Ultra Blend HM Carbon Headset
Felt Bayonet 1"" Integrated Seatpost
FELT 3.1 Bladed Carbon Fiber with Dual Position
Front Derailleur Type Braze-On
BB type English

Size 56
Seat Tube (C-T) 560
Seat Tube (C-C) 513
Top Tube Length 557
Head Tube Length 125
Chain Stay Length 405
Seat Tube Angle 78.0
Head Tube Angle -
Stand Over Height 779
Wheel Size 700c


If you think you've seen this crankset before, you're wrong. While the outer chain ring is familiar, this is FSA's first through-axle time trial crankset. The carbon fiber arms and spider are produced via the same process as the ultra-light K-Force Light crankset. The arms are hollow for weight savings and carbon fiber for strength. But to that hollow-arm shape, the frontal area has been reduced to about half the thickness of a standard FSA crank and the arms molded into a wing shape by the pedal threads. The wing is designed to smooth out the airflow around each crankarm at the top of the pedal stroke, where the crankarm is being forced through the air faster than the bike. This is why there is more material behind the pedal hole when the crank is at the top of the stroke; the left arm is a mirror image of the right. As the right arm passes 9 o'clock and the left arm 3 o'clock, they are going into the wind faster than the bike and are doing so at speed that picks up to 12 and then starts going down 'til 3 o'clock on the right and 9 on the left and then starts going with the wind for the remaining 180-degrees of their rotations. The arms are also designed to cover the external bottom bracket cups to smooth the airflow over the bottom bracket as well. The spider is solid so there is no work created by the arms moving through the air.

Completing the cranks is the FSA solid chainring. Right now, this is specific to the Neo Pro and is ribbed for strength, thinned for lightness, and pinned and ramped for faster shifting.

The world's fastest crankset spins on ceramic bearings, specifically the FSA MegaExo Ceramic BB. Because this is a special-use component designed to go as fast as possible, the bottom bracket with the lowest drag has been selected to complement the cranks. The MegaExo Ceramic Bottom Bracket has an alloy center sleeve with double o-ring seals, external oversized ceramic cartridge bearings, and forged and CNC'd alloy bearing cups. The cups are anodized red. The bottom bracket is available in both English and Italian threads. The bb weight is 92g.

The FSA Neo Pro crankset is available in 130mm BCD only. The cranks are a moncoque carbon fiber design. The right arm and spider are fixed to the 24mm chromoly integrated spindle. The outer chain ring is a carbon/AL7075 mix. The inner ring is AL7075. The chain ring bolts are alloy and take a Torx T-30 driver. The chain line is 343.5mm. the Q-factor is 147mm. The chain rings are 54 and 42 teeth. The finish is a 3k weave with gloss finish and world champion stripes. Available chain ring lengths are 170-180mm in 2.5mm increments. Weight of crankset with bottom bracket is 980g

Stiff and light, the one-piece carbon Attack TT is the ultimate aero bar for time trials, triathlons and pursuit.

Weight 422 gams (complete)
Width 38cm (center-to-center)
Diameter 26.0 and 31.8mm
Reach Range
225, 250, 275mm
Material Easton CNT composite
Technology TaperWallâ„¢
Warranty Limited 5-year warranty

trikish    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 13
RE: DA Felt Frame, Fork, Seat Post plus EXTRA's
POSTED: 1/06/10 2:45 PM

Where is this being shipped from?

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