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sunscreen tips?
CREATED: 06/04/09 by postie REPLIES:
postie    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 46
sunscreen tips?
POSTED: 6/04/09 6:50 PM

I'm wondering if anyone has tips for effectively applying sunscreen pre-race or during transition.

In my last race, I used a spray sports sunscreen with a high SPF in T1 and T2. Unfortunately, my back shows exactly where the stray hit and where I missed. It looks horrible, but more concerning is that my mother had a malignant melanoma, and I'm very concerned about skin cancer. However, due to the temperature, I’m also reluctant to wear something besides my tri tank.

It’s hard for me to imagine that a triathlon competitor would be willing to rub sunscreen on my back during T1 or T2. Has anyone had success with applying sunscreen before the swim start and having it last through a HIM? If so, what brand did you use? Also, do people know if it would be within USAT rules for my husband to help with the sunscreen application as I leave T1 or T2? I’m doing Louisville IM in August, and am anticipating that I’ll need major sunscreen…

Clearly, you can see that this is something I find worth spending valuable time on during transition, and I would be delighted to receive any advice.


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