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Ride for Life (20 & 40 miles) August 27th
CREATED: 08/09/11 by spleary REPLIES:
spleary's ravatar spleary    JOINED: 8/17/10    POSTS: 73
Ride for Life (20 & 40 miles) August 27th
POSTED: 8/09/11 9:55 AM

Hi all,

I'm posting this on behalf of a good friend of mine who is organizing a bike ride in memory of her father. Her message is below:
Dear Family, Friends, and Cyclists,

Please join us on Saturday, August 27th for the "ride for LIFE" in Davidsonville, Maryland -- about a half hour outside of D.C.

This 20 or 40-mile ride is in memory of our friend and avid cyclist, Steve Flury, who along with many others in our community have battled cancer. Steve always did things in a big way, and we thought what better way to honor and remember him, but to raise funds to help others fight cancer. We ask your support to help us honor Steve's generous spirit and to help others win their battle with this disease. (NOTE: The ride is a 20-mile loop, so feel free to get your long ride in with as many loops as you'd like).

Registration is $25 (by August 1st and $30 thereafter) and proceeds benefit The American Cancer Society. Please visit and click on "ride for LIFE." As part of registration, you will receive a tech t-shirt. In addition, there will be food available to purchase at the end of the ride provided by the Men's and Hospitality Committee at the church parking lot in Davidsonville.

We look forward to having you join us in this great cause. Please forward this to anyone you know who may be interested. The more the merrier.

Many thanks,


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