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2011 70.3's
CREATED: 08/26/10 by TriVoodoo REPLIES:
TriVoodoo    JOINED: 4/2/09    POSTS: 8
2011 70.3's
POSTED: 8/26/10 11:38 AM

If anyone is interested, I'm putting together some groups to race at the following for next year:

IM 70.3 New Orleans
IM 70.3 Racine
IM 70.3 Florida (Orlando)

Yes you'd be raising money for charity, however those that know me know that it's not a lot of money to raise and you get a lot with the program. The charity is the Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Email me off the forum if interested or have questions:

(the guy that yells at you at Conte's in the off-season)

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