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Winter races?
CREATED: 08/10/12 by tkopan REPLIES: 3
tkopan's ravatar tkopan    JOINED: 4/7/12    POSTS: 55
Winter races?
POSTED: 8/10/12 12:17 PM

A bit of background: I broke my ankle one week before what was supposed to be my first Olympic this summer. I'm close to being able to run again, and thus start training, but don't think I'll be ready for an Olympic before Nov.
I don't want to have to wait all the way until next June to finally do my first big race! Does anyone know of any good off-season races that are actually outside?
I don't want to spend a fortune on travel, but would be willing to invest a bit in the right race.

TLDNR: Any good winter Olympic tris somewhere in the U.S.?

Luke's ravatar Luke    JOINED: 11/28/10    POSTS: 423
RE: Winter races?
POSTED: 8/10/12 2:10 PM


I feel your pain... unfortunately literally, as I'm out of the racing scene until about the same time :-( But sometimes being forced to sit out can make you even hungrier and more mentally prepared when you can come back!

Are you just looking for tri's? Or are you also looking at other races too?

As for tri... unfortunately Beach To Battleship in NC is probably the last tri in the mid-Atlantic this year, and that is the first weekend in Nov. The first tris I know about around DC are in April. Rumpass In Bumpass is the 2nd weekend in April, and DC Triclub usually has a pretty big contingent there. If you want to travel, you can race over the winter in places like Miami (they have a big tri in mid-Nov, and two big ones that get pros out in March and early April), but I think the Nov-March window is considered the offseason for triathletes most everywhere.

As for running... fall and spring are definitely the biggest seasons for road races. Army Ten Miler (early Oct), the Baltimore Running Festival 5K & Half (mid Oct), Marine Corps 10K (late Oct), Richmond 8K & Half (mid Nov), Philly Half (late Nov), Jingle All the Way 10K (mid Dec), and Celtic Solstice 5 Miler (mid-Dec) are all great races to check out... plus they're all fairly close and they all get a good contingent of DC Tri folks there! Running is a great way to get in racing shape for tri, and you can find a running race just about every weekend if you check out Even with the injury, you should be in great shape for the big spring classics, like Monument Avenue 10K, Cherry Blossom Ten Miler, and GW Parkway Classic Ten Miler, so look for the registration for those over the winter.

"Winter Triathlon" (running, mountain biking, and cross country skiing) is a different thing altogether. If anyone else knows of one of those around here, I'd be very interested in trying that out!


dougiegr's ravatar dougiegr    JOINED: 7/21/09    POSTS: 4
RE: Winter races?
POSTED: 8/12/12 9:27 AM

Miami Man featuring an Olympic and Hal-iron distance race on November 11th, 2012. Bone Island Half and Iron distance races by setup events is in the second week of January 2013.

tkopan's ravatar tkopan    JOINED: 4/7/12    POSTS: 55
RE: Winter races?
POSTED: 8/13/12 12:53 PM

Thanks for the advice! I appreciate it.

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