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USAT Competition
CREATED: 01/05/12 by hahleewude REPLIES: 3
hahleewude's ravatar hahleewude    JOINED: 12/18/10    POSTS: 6
USAT Competition
POSTED: 1/05/12 5:30 PM

Anyone else having trouble getting to the USAT Competition page to enter their mileage? It seems like it is being redirected to a different page using this link:


coachlane    JOINED: 10/1/11    POSTS: 36
RE: USAT Competition
POSTED: 1/05/12 6:40 PM

I don't have a solution, but I can at least confirm that I'm having the same problem. Has anyone figured out a workaround?

rojojade's ravatar rojojade    JOINED: 1/19/11    POSTS: 458
RE: USAT Competition
POSTED: 1/05/12 7:10 PM

I had the same problem and google is telling me that the link has changed to ...

hina's ravatar hina    JOINED: 9/4/11    POSTS: 48
RE: USAT Competition
POSTED: 1/07/12 2:22 PM

The regular link is working again, though you've probably figured that out by now :)

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