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HELP: female guide needed for vision impaired triathlete
CREATED: 07/07/10 by sewert12 REPLIES:
sewert12's ravatar sewert12    JOINED: 5/21/10    POSTS: 104
HELP! need female guide for blind athlete
POSTED: 7/07/10 11:32 PM

I am relatively new to the DC Tri Club and am registered to guide a vision impaired triathlete at the NYC Tri on July 17. I sprained my ankle badly at the Philly Tri a week and a half ago and am not healing quickly.

We just found out from the race director that we can't change guides after tomorrow (Thursday, July 8) at 10 AM EST. Since it's unlikely I'll be able to race, I'm desparately trying to find a replacement.

Racing as a guide involves swimming and running with a tether and riding a tandem bike. Even if you've never done this before, you'd have the opportunity to practice on a tandem bike before the race weekend. Another DC Tri Club member, Matt Ferguson, will also be guiding an athlete in the race.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me right away if you are interested or know of somebody who might be.


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