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Sighting into the Sun
CREATED: 07/31/12 by MallowCN83 REPLIES: 1
MallowCN83's ravatar MallowCN83    JOINED: 1/20/11    POSTS: 59
Sighting into the Sun
POSTED: 7/31/12 2:05 PM

I know I've asked about sighting tips previously, but I don't think this was ever addressed. Can anyone give some insight on sighting into the sun? I'm doing the Columbia IronGirl in August and am so happy (note: sarcasm) to have found out during the swim rehearsal this past weekend that on the way out I will have to sight directly into the sun. During the swim rehearsal I did my best to sight on the way out, but I really couldn't see a thing. It was almost impossible to see the bouys until I got up close to them.

I had on shaded mirrored goggles but those didn't seem to help really.


jbauer    JOINED: 1/1/11    POSTS: 108
RE: Sighting into the Sun
POSTED: 8/01/12 7:29 AM

Others might have a better solution, but here is what I do when I'm swimming into the sun. Instead of lifting my eyes above the water and being blinded, I keep them below and look at the sun's rays coming into the water. The light penetrating the water is my sighting point. I keep track of when to turn by breathing to the side on which the buoys are placed. If I'm really on top of my game, I'll count the buoys and know when to turn. Otherwise, I'll just look for the turn buoy as I breathe.


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