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Terra Plana Mens Vivo Barefoot - 43 Evo Running Shoe, Yellow
CREATED: 05/19/10 by SClaremon109 REPLIES:
SClaremon109    JOINED: 2/25/10    POSTS: 7
Terra Plana Mens Vivo Barefoot
POSTED: 5/19/10 8:40 AM

I ordered these last week but they are a size to big for me. They are now out of stock on the website. Would Anyone like to purchase them before I send them back for a refund? I got them for $160, they are brand new never worn. I have the receipt and box still. I will also consider exchanges for tri-gear of EQUAL value. (wetsuit, bike trainer, ect...). Pick up at cleveland park or downtown during the day.

Email me at steve.claremon at if your interested. If I dont hear anything by the end of the week I'll probably just send them back.

PS, I have since gotten the right size and really like these shoes.

UPDATE: Sold, thanks for the interest.

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