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Bike Transport to St Anthony's
CREATED: 04/16/09 by brownie331 REPLIES:
brownie331    JOINED: 4/16/09    POSTS: 1
Bike Transport to St Anthony's
POSTED: 4/16/09 4:27 PM

Hey DC Tri -
Bike Doctor has put together a Bike Transport deal down to St. Anthony's Triathlon next weekend For $200, athletes can drop off their bikes *(fully assembled) by Wednesday before the race at the Arnold, MD store, we'll load them into a trailer and drive down to St. Petersburg. Athletes will pick up bikes Friday night or Saturday morning (still assembled) from the Hilton Bayview parking lot (within walking distance of the transition area) and we'll lead a short course preview of the bike and run course Saturday morning/afternoon. Racers can then drop they bikes back off Sunday afternoon after the race and we'll take them back up to the Arnold shop.

TriBike transport offers this service for $250 and bikes are needed at least a week out. You can fly your bike for around $200, but have the added hassle of taking your bike totally apart, and hauling around those huge bike cases. Bike Doctor will also provide limited wrenching Saturday morning to work out any last minute kinks, and we can also transport a small bag with those race items you may not want to risk with the airlines.

Space is limited and slots are going fast...please email with questions and to reserve your spot today! This deal is open to any St Anthony's athletes in the area, so please feel free to pass along to any non-DC Tri friends as well!

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