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DCTri Strava Group?
CREATED: 02/24/12 by bsull184 REPLIES: 5
bsull184's ravatar bsull184    JOINED: 2/6/10    POSTS: 283
DCTri Strava Group?
POSTED: 2/24/12 4:11 PM

Anyone out there using Strava? I noticed that one person formed a DC Tri Club group, but he is the only member. Maybe he can chime in if he's reading.

For those of you who haven't heard of it, Strava is a bit of a hybrid social media training logger. It will input GPS data from your rides or runs just like Garmin Connect. You can check out what your friends were doing, and even compare your times on various segments against other people who have ridden that same stretch of road. Unfortunately it has no swimming component.

Even if you are just going solo and not interested in checking out what others are doing, I find it to be a much better online tool than Garmin Connect. It's free to join, though there are some premium features that may be of interest.

Maybe Alejandro can volunteer to run it after his NCC experience:).


gthoyt's ravatar gthoyt    JOINED: 1/22/11    POSTS: 100
RE: DCTri Strava Group?
POSTED: 3/21/12 12:23 PM

I signed up last week. Seems pretty good so far. I joined the DC Tri Club team on the site. Still only one other guy in the group. Maybe it will get bigger as more people find the site.


pmart15's ravatar pmart15    JOINED: 12/14/09    POSTS: 149
RE: DCTri Strava Group?
POSTED: 3/21/12 3:26 PM

I'll look into it since I'm a big Garmin Connect and DailyMile user. As for it not tracking swim, GOOD! It will be much less embarrassing.

coachlane    JOINED: 10/1/11    POSTS: 36
RE: DCTri Strava Group?
POSTED: 3/22/12 7:59 AM

I'm a big fan of Strava - it's great for finding new rides, as well.
Just joined the group, thank you for setting it up!

Also, I have a few old codes for a month or two of free premium access. Ii don't know if they are still valid, but you are welcome to try them:
girodilento11 - 3 months free
al2m11 - 2 months free
vamoscycling2011 - 3 months free
JK1M11 - 1 month free
DK3M11 - 3 free months

(on Strava as William Lane, it uses my first name for some reason)

astolz1's ravatar astolz1    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 694
RE: DCTri Strava Group
POSTED: 1/12/15 10:45 PM

In case there are new people out there joining Strava, here's the clubs Strava page:
- Adam

gat_pfc's ravatar gat_pfc    JOINED: 9/3/14    POSTS: 104
RE: DCTri Strava Group?
POSTED: 1/13/15 1:06 PM

Been on Strava a while and joined their DC Tri club. Lots of members (24) on it. Stava tracks swims if you have a way to record it as well as any other activity. Im using the TomToms multisport watch for capturing swims but pretty sure swim data can be uploaded from Garmin 910/920 too since Stava accepts most file formats. Hope this helps.

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