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Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
CREATED: 03/13/11 by carrie REPLIES: 75
carrie's ravatar carrie    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 18
Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 3/13/11 7:19 PM

I've had multiple bike fits from a shops in the area with certified fitters who were highly recommended, and they've always left me wanting. Recently my saddle pain on my relatively new tri bike was just too much, so I decided to seek out someone new.

I'd heard stories about a guy named "Smiley" who lives off of Beach Drive, builds custom bikes in his spare time, and does fittings by word of mouth only--no advertising. After some creative googling I managed to track him down--and am SO glad I did. Forgive all the details--I'm just sure there are many out there who have been in my position, and I had such a great experience that I thought it valuable to explain exactly why this guy stands out above the rest.

Smiley El-Abd is a full time mechanical engineer who's been building bikes (reps Bedfords and Serottas) and doing fits as a hobby out of his custom-built home garage for over a decade. He was nothing short of amazing. From the start, he began the fit by checking out cleat placement, even before checking fore and aft position and saddle height--something no other fitter has done. It only makes sense--if your cleats are off, it'll throw off the rest of the fit--yet when I bought my $3K tri bike at a local shop, they didn't even look at my cleats when they fit me (until I ask--then the fitter--someone who's been highly recommended on these pages--looked at the bottom of my shoes when they weren't even on my feet, said "looks good," and handed them back to me!).

Smiley showed me exactly which part of the foot anatomy to look at when figuring out cleat placement and how to properly fit the rest of my bike shoes myself. He spent two hours fitting me on my bike, explaining the reason behind every adjustment along the way. He suggested changes that I needed a shop to do before we could complete the fit (putting on more adjustable aerobars that would involve re-cabling), then went out and rode with me on Beach Drive to get a riding assessment of my fit. From that he was able to determine that I needed a shim in my right shoe and needed to lower my seat another 2mm.

I went back today for part two of my fit--another 2.5 hours. The bike now rides like a dream and I'm much faster, even when it feels like I'm riding effortlessly, without the nagging saddle discomfort I'd been suffering.

Smiley charges $250 for a complete fit, and that includes a lifetime of free adjustments on the same bike (that's $250 for both of the days I spent with him--4.5 hours total--and any future adjustments). He'll also fit you on any additional bikes for just $50 more. If he thinks you need a different size stem he'll give you a loaner to try out, then suggest places to buy your own cheaply online. If you want to try a loaner saddle, he has many on hand. He's a gem, and I'm so glad I went to him and didn't spend yet more money on a shop bike fit or enlargening my vast saddle collection.

If you're looking for a good fit, trust me--you'd be hard pressed to find someone better. You can contact him at:

Smiley El-Abd

Just remember that it's not his full-time gig, but he'll fit you in nights and weekends. Tell him Carrie sent you!

markhakd's ravatar markhakd    JOINED: 10/8/09    POSTS: 231
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 3/14/11 12:14 AM

This is great. Thank you so much for posting!


cfudge1    JOINED: 3/4/09    POSTS: 98
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 5/02/11 12:13 PM

Has anyone else been fitted by Smiley? I'm always interest in good, hole-in-the-walls, but have never considered that would apply to cycling too!


triterp    JOINED: 8/20/09    POSTS: 23
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 5/03/11 8:12 PM

This is perfect, I bought a felt DA last year and haven't found that sweet spot. Got fitted at bonsai and contes but still have comfort issues. Smiley, you are my first call tomorrow!

ppannett's ravatar ppannett    JOINED: 3/8/11    POSTS: 87
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 6/21/11 5:02 PM

I wanted to post my experience with getting my bike(s) fit by Smiley, hopefully this will be useful to Carl and others who maybe haven't been fit yet, but also to give Carrie's post a 'seconded'.

I had shopped around for a fit for a while after getting knee and back pain on various long rides, but I also wanted to get both my road and TT bikes fit without breaking the bank.

I'd been fitting myself for many years and never had much of a problem, nor did I think I was that out of position, but some winter changes to my road bike setup convinced me otherwise. Smiley takes the time to see what sort of riding you are doing, and works to get you setup accordingly (including pedal, cleat, crank setup etc). I wanted to be fit to be fast, but as he sensibly recommended, not so much and aggressively that I do damage, or compromise the half and full marathons that will follow getting off of the bike.

I ended up needing to make some substantial stem changes and picking up two new stems (taking the carbon stem off sucked, but the couple of grams I added was offset by speed), and will likely switch handlebars on the roadbike too. The changes served my comfort, and not because he was selling me anything (outside of the fit, there is no salesmanship here, it's about getting fit to be comfy, and fast on the bike).

The bottom line, Smiley got me from maybe a 6/10 in fit to a 10/10, and as I discovered on Sunday in the DC Tri, the difference is substantial - in raw speed, handling and especially in getting off at T2 and being able to start the run without back pain. On the road bike, before even getting the new stem on, my performance was much improved, and in turn realised how much I had been holding myself back.

I would go back in a second, and likely will as I make other component or setup changes to my bike. You really do recognise straight away if the fit is good, and in this case, I do. He's a great guy, and made it happen for me over the course of two weekends, with only the minimum of new parts needed.

I also will reiterate the need for flexibility, he does this because he enjoys it, not because it's a full-time job. Smiley loves bikes and what he does - it shows, and this collaborative process worked great for me.

Smiley El-Abd
or his cell: 301-922-8206

eugenecooper    JOINED: 3/10/11    POSTS: 3
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 6/26/11 10:11 AM

I would like to share my positive experiences with Smiley. I needed a bike fitter for slightly different reasons. I was on the market for a new bike. I wanted someone who could take my measurements and provide unbiased bike recommendations based on “me” and available stock, off the shelf bikes.

I contacted him about three months ago because of Carrie's above recommendation. The last bike I owned I spent two years trying to get the bike to fit me. In the process saw several different fitters and swapped out parts based on their recommendations. Not a fun process and spent a few dollars in the process. I had taken the approach of visiting multiple bike shops and test riding bikes based on their advice. I did not want to go through this again for my new bike. A few friends of mine recommended taking a different route based on their experience. Get sized up first, preferably by someone independent, who can provide you unbiased recommendations, then find bikes to test ride with matching geometries.

I explained my needs to Smiley and initially spent 2.5 hours with him, covering everything everyone mentioned in the above posts, as well as a few things related to new bike buying. I didn’t have a bike, so was on his size cycle. Afterwards, he provided me all my measurements and recommendations. I need to point out that although he builds custom bikes, he did not try or push to sell me one. He shared some information about custom bikes, but only as an additional option to consider. He remained true to my initial request of providing me unbiased recommendations, which I really appreciated. I was interested in carbon framed road bikes.

I went to a few bike shops with his bike recommendations and set up requirements. It’s a much different experience when you walk into a bike shop knowing exactly what you need and how it should be set up for your test ride. I appreciate second opinions, but had one sales person adamantly try to convince me that I needed something else after speaking with me for only a few minutes and not really knowing too much about me. I’ve learned the hard way based on experience to now “trust, but verify”. A few of the things Smiley shared with me I researched and they all checked out. I felt like I could buy with confidence when the time came.

If I did decide to purchase, Smiley also offered to visit the bike shops where I test rode to make sure they really fit and were set up correctly. He has also been very proactive in contacting me and providing me information. You can tell the man is passionate about bikes.

In the end, I decided to go the custom route. Two months later, I’m the happy owner of a Kelly Bedford titanium frame road bike. Kelly was a master builder at Serotta for many years before going out on his own. He and Smiley have worked together for some time. The bike fits like a glove and I’m still amazed at how this thing rides. It’s also easy on the eyes. From a cost perspective it was more than what I would have paid for the new carbon road bike I was initially seeking, but all things considered it made the most sense for my needs.

$250 seemed like a lot for a bike fit, but after meeting with him it was well worth it. With such a big purchase it’s a small percentage of total bike cost and greatly improves the odds of you getting it right. If I bought a stock bike, he would have made any necessary post-purchase fine tuning. I also appreciate that he offered to look at my girlfriend’s bike. He wrote her up a prescription for a new stem and handlebars. I’m sure like everyone else who has seen him, I now have a bike doctor.


jgreen93    JOINED: 2/23/11    POSTS: 5
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 7/07/11 6:39 PM

I too would recommend Smiley to anyone considering paying for a bike fit. As a new triathlete on my first road bike modified with aerobars, I don't have a lot to compare him against; but I can affirm much of what has been written above and add a few observations from my own experience. 1) Smiley knows his stuff and is extremely patient, explaining each adjustment he's suggesting and seeking (and listening to) your feedback. The comfort and performance of my rides has improved noticeably after my two hour fit. 2) Since he's not in a bike store with tons of additional accessories lining the walls, he has no incentive to try to up-sell you on anything you don't need. In fact, we was finding old things in his garage that he could slap on my bike so that I wouldn't have to go buy any new items. In my limited experience in triathlon, that's a first (it seems there's always a better product to be pushed at most places). 3) He actually cares about whether he has improved your situation, and checks in to see how else he can be helpful. The flat fee he charges entitles you to a lifetime of adjustments on the bike, and he wants to hear feedback on how things are going. He emailed me after my first race, the DC Tri, to see how it went and asked how the bike felt. I was impressed.

Though this was my first bike fit, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Smiley to others and will definitely be going back to him as I fall for all the special offers at the bike stores and buy additional bikes. The $250 was well spent.



denaindc's ravatar denaindc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 192
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 8/14/11 9:11 PM

I want to add on to what has already been said about Smiley's bike fitting. I had been back to the store where I bought the bike multiple times and still wasn't happy with the fit. Based on the recommendations above, I called Smiley. He know bikes and explained everything he was looking at and why he was making the adjustments. He loaned me a stem to use for a couple of weeks to make sure I was comfortable with fit before he recommended one to purchase. He is also very cost conscientious when he recommends a purchase of a part. He followed up with phone calls and e-mails to see how test rides went and actually listened when I told him what I was feeling during the ride. I will skip the bike store fits and take all new bikes I get to Smiley. Oh yea,his price is less then the price the bike store was charging for a fit! If you are looking to get a bike fit, I would highly recommend Smiley.

denaindc's ravatar denaindc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 192
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 8/14/11 9:12 PM

I want to add on to what has already been said about Smiley's bike fitting. I had been back to the store where I bought the bike multiple times and still wasn't happy with the fit. Based on the recommendations above, I called Smiley. He know bikes and explained everything he was looking at and why he was making the adjustments. He loaned me a stem to use for a couple of weeks to make sure I was comfortable with fit before he recommended one to purchase. He is also very cost conscientious when he recommends a purchase of a part. He followed up with phone calls and e-mails to see how test rides went and actually listened when I told him what I was feeling during the ride. I will skip the bike store fits and take all new bikes I get to Smiley. Oh yea,his price is less then the price the bike store was charging for a fit! If you are looking to get a bike fit, I would highly recommend Smiley.

rmolina's ravatar rmolina    JOINED: 8/22/10    POSTS: 4
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 8/17/11 1:56 PM

I was in a similar situation to Eugene and after reading his post decided to give Smiley a call. I wanted to have Smiley act as my bike consultant as I looked to purchase a tri-bike. We met and made some adjustments to my road bike that have me riding with more confidence and more power especially when it comes to climbing hills. Smiley recommended that we make the changes to my road bike in order to give him a better sense of tri-bikes that would best work for me. As others have alluded to, Smiley was detailed oriented in explaining the changes he was making and how they would benefit me. He continues to assist me in other minor changes that I am making on the road bike.

Smiley has also offered to visit a bike shop with me once I'm ready to make the tri-bike purchase. I can say that I am very happy that I discovered Smiley.


rojojade's ravatar rojojade    JOINED: 1/19/11    POSTS: 458
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 1/31/12 3:30 PM

I was going to wait until my bike fitting was done to post this, but I’m soo please the progress I’ve had with my bike fitting with Smiley, that I didn’t want to wait.

Executive Summary: Smiley is amazing, very through, and I highly recommend him.

Disclaimer: I am a total bike noob. I am an NTP 2011 grad. I always rode commuter/hybrid bikes that were never fit. This was my first and only bike fitting. And this is also my first road bike.

I started talking with him in Dec when I decided that it was finally time to get my bike fitted after committing to Eagleman, my first HIM. I read all the reviews here and consulted with a lot of people on where I should get fitted. I ended up with Smiley because of this thread and the fact that for as long as you have your bike, Smiley will refit you as needed. And since I have started to finally lose weight, I didn’t want to wait to see where my weight would settle before getting fit. And Smiley totally got that. He already advise me to email him to set up a re-fitting at every milestone I thought was important to make adjustments as needed.

But my first visit with him was around 1.5 hours long where he explained everything he wanted to change thoroughly.

First thing up were my shoes and clips. I didn’t never knew what one was supposed to be looking for or how to line these cleats up. My local bike shop just set them up in neutral and sent me on my way. But Smiley explained where they should be and why they should be there it to the point where I could do it myself in the future.

Second lesson was what a q-factor was and the fact that my wide hips and the narrow q-factor was making me pedal very bow-legged. He installed washers as a stop gap measure and then actually researched for me for a more permanent solution.

Third, he immediately knew that my handlebars were too big for me. I have been complaining to the shop that I originally bought the bike from that I was hard for me to brake and was hurting my shoulders – and they and I always attributed it to me having small hands and swapping out my handle bars once. Smiley had me order new handle bars that I could actually comfortably reach the brakes and get into the drops and stay down there comfortably. He also gave me some sage advice in regard to areo bars - so they are not on my bike currently.

Fourth, he gave me a loaner saddle before we both agreed to go with a Brooks saddle. But he also had me order from a place that would accept a return up to 6 months after the delivery date.

He followed up my first visit with an email with a shopping list of items to buy online. The prices of the items he selected were very competitive for the online markets. And he was great with the follow up as well. We spent 2 hours of him making sure all the new pieces were where they needed to be, setting my new shoes up, and going over what I might have to do in the future. And also when I was ready to get a tri bike that he would help me out.

But this is why I wanted to post this sooner rather than later – when I was riding this weekend in Rock Creek, I ran/biked into him! He recognized my bike and called my name out. We talked a little bit about how everything was fitting. When I told him that the saddle nose was a little too high and close – he busted out a tool kit from his saddle bag and adjusted the seat on the spot. And then followed up with another email telling me that if it’s not comfortable what my options were and what I would need to get. Also the fellow I was riding with is a huge bike nut and was also impressed with Smiley’s knowledge on bikes to the point he is setting up a fitting appointment with Smiley as well.

I know that there were a lot of changes he had to do on my bike, but he explained every step to me to the point where I could understand what he was saying. And when with the minor changes he did on my first fitting, I felt like I was much more efficient and comfortable on my bike. After the second appointment, my bike is slowly becoming my best friend.

Smiley El-Abd

rojojade's ravatar rojojade    JOINED: 1/19/11    POSTS: 458
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 1/31/12 3:30 PM

mistakenly double posted - sorry guys.

conartist's ravatar conartist    JOINED: 1/31/12    POSTS: 54
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 1/31/12 10:37 PM

I'm new to DC Tri (just joined tonight actually), but I've been monitoring the forum since June (when I started my addiction to the sufferfest known as tri). Smiley came highly recommended (see above) so I figured I'd give him a shot (and also money).

Now I can pass cars on flats traveling north of 30. Wait, shit. Someone just said that was km/hr. Oops. Anyway, Smiley pays close attention to the things that matter most in a bike fitting - namely ball protection (apparently I've been reading too much Tuan). No, while he does pay attention to that, he also spends due diligence on aerodynamics, comfort, power, etc. He's yet to install the motor I want to hide in my frame though (not sure if he takes bribes - worth trying though). Also - someone mentioned that it's not just the fit, I have to PHYSICALLY ride the bike to see results - so read the fine print: training not included in fitting.

Smiley knows a thing or (two) hundred about bike fitting. He's a quirky guy and I've seen him twice for a total of about 4 hours. I'm meeting with him again this week so I can tweak my positioning to get more aggressive (watch out 25-29 y/o male punkasses :)).

Smiley sees the fitting as a work in progress and is willing to meet to adjust accordingly. If you have a new piece to add and are as adept at bike mechanics as Hot Chocolate 15-k is at race planning, he can easily set-up your gear for you.

Getting ready for the Tuesday night Arlington hill rides..What's that? Roadies won't allow me to ride aero..bastads! Well, if you see someone barreling down MacArthur knocking over small women and children (and Prius') you can thank Smiley for making it all possible. Man, I'm stoked about this season.

Two thumbs up. See this guy for fitting, he's like Allstate.

Conor Shapiro

tjsantos    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 3
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 3/02/12 4:18 PM

Go see smiley! If you aren't "having fit issues," he will improve your position, comfort, efficiency and you will most likely produce more power. I'd echo everything that has already been said/posted.

My reasons for seeing him are a little different. To start, I did not see Smiley because I was having any fit problems. But rather, I saw him because I was in the market for a new Tri bike (frame kit really) and wanted to get some parameters around frame size and fit from someone that was not vested in selling me any particular brand.

Also, I had done some tinkering with my road bikes over the years and wanted to double check the fit/position on them. With that in mind, I saw Smiley around Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, within a day or two I had a nasty crash that kept me off the bike for several weeks. I may need to visit with him again to address some lingering shoulder issues - but I digress.

Notwithstanding the shoulder problem, I have had some time to ride and can finally evaluate the changes. In my case the changes were reletively minor. Small as they were, the changes have indeed improved my road bike position - particulary where I sit on the saddle and foot/cleat position. The changes seem to have have imporved my effeciency and power (I don't use a power meter so I can only tell you what it feels like). The improvement is most noticable while climbing.

I'd like to stress the point that even with a position that was already quite good, minor changes can result in significant improvement.

I highly recommend Smiley - even if you aren't having fit problems. It is (was for me) extremely useful to have this 'check-up.' This could especially helpful in mid-season when one is in top shape.

He is very thorough, has excellent follow-up and encourages feedback even several weeks/months after the fitting.

claudiabl's ravatar claudiabl    JOINED: 12/25/10    POSTS: 34
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 3/03/12 8:37 AM

Through the last several years, I have tried the most common and well-know bike shops in the area. Experiences have ranged from someone trying to sell me a trek concept using the bare minimum of measuring seat height and ankle position (please), to one shop trying to sell me a new (but damaged) tri bike after a more formal fit with someone who was angry that they had to stay late for the measurements (one person in the shop secretly told me not to but the bike -- the frame was repaired), to the other shops fitting me to their bikes rather than selecting the bike based on my measurements. I have purchased two bikes from the bike doctor (Arnold Store... each Bike Doctor has different owners). They were willing to do the fitting, reasonsably priced (actually the lowest) if I didn't buy, trained across fitting systems, and agreed to provide a list of bikes including those that they didn't sell that would match the best. I have had incredible fitting sessions for the tri and a new road bike from Steve, the owner at Bike Doctor. I am quite happy now with my bikes. What a learning experience... I knew very little when I purchased my first road bike years ago and ended up with a frame size too large...I kept changing out everything and nothing work... and I mean I changed out everything. So here is another recommendation for reputable bike fit!

HappyRunner's ravatar HappyRunner    JOINED: 1/15/11    POSTS: 281
POSTED: 3/20/12 10:55 AM

Let me give an enthusiastic +1. I came through NTP last year and my new bike fit at the LBS was pretty good. In fact, the fitter is recommended in this thread.

Although I was not unhappy with my fit, I wanted the confidence from a second opinion. For me, it wasn't about generating power but rather insurance from injury. Before I spent a zillion hours riding, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't torquing something in the wrong way that would lead to problems down the road.

Like everyone says, meeting Smiley was a real learning experience. The man loves bikes. He made some changes that have me even more comfortable and confident in my riding.

At first I was a bit hesitant, thinking Smiley was only for elite riders, but nothing is further from the truth. I've seen all different types of riders at his shop and never once felt intimidated. He's just a great guy.

So even if you are never going to get anywhere near the podium at your next race, it is still well worth it to get an excellent bike fit with Smiley. Highly recommended.

laineym3's ravatar laineym3    JOINED: 7/2/10    POSTS: 123
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 5/15/12 9:43 AM

I wanted to share my experiences with Smiley as well... move over because I need a spot on the bandwagon! I saw him first at the beginning of April and I already lost count of how many times I've gone back to perfect the fit for both my road and tri bike.

The road bike was bought used and this was the first time I was fit on it. The tri bike was fit previously and figured for the extra $75, I might as well have a fresh pair of eyes to look at it. best decision I ever made.

He explains why he's recommending the certain adjustments rather than just doing them (from what I experienced at a local bike shop). he wants you to understand the biomechanics of everything, which I love since I'm a nerd like that. If there are stems, seat posts, seats, etc that need to be changed, he will put you on a loaner to see if you like it and to see how it feels before going out and buying them. When/If you do have to buy them, he will give you a list of what you need to get and you can wander the interwebs for the best price.

My fit is still not finished as I am still experiencing some lower back pain (even before I saw him) when I ride. In exploring the issue, Smiley even took me out on a ride to see how I ride outside vs. a trainer. As we all know, things change once we get on the road. The fact that he took the time to do this was amazing and you will NOT get this kind of attention at a LBS. My tri bike turned out was fit incorrectly at the LBS and Smiley readjusted all the settings.

There are so many other great things to say about Smiley. If I try to put everything here, this post will become a novel. He's super responsive, wants feedback, and truly cares that YOU are comfortable on your bike. He won't rest until you are, no matter how many times you have to go back. On my tri bike, I got the typical "that's normal, you'll just have to get used to it". That is not the attitude he has.

One extra thing, I came in for the first time, with a sub-3hr bike time (with a dropped chain) from Kinetic this past weekend. Yea, Smiley is awesome.


sose    JOINED: 6/21/11    POSTS: 14
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 6/18/12 1:18 PM

This is a long overdue review but it’s finally here.

I must start by saying: holy crap Smiley’s a helluva guy. And a helluva fitter!

The moment he saw my bike he told me I was screwed up. Yup. No kidding. Who is this guy?

After observing other details he started telling me, almost as though it were my horoscope, all my ailments. “You probably over tighten your shoes and mid-ride are forced to loosen them. You more than likely also experience pain on your traps and shoulders and lower back.”

Well, he nailed it. I was never properly bike fit and had ridden many miles and done a couple of tris like that. My shoes were too big. My seatpost was too low. My saddle was pointed up (ouch, that explained a lot). My cleat position was off. My drop handlebars were too big and my stem too long (that’s what she said!).

He fixed all these issues. What makes him so special?

He explained every single adjustment no matter how minor. He also sent follow up emails with detailed information of his findings.

All in all, there was only one “error” in his initial assessment. As you all have read, he loans out parts to test them before he asks you to buy them. Well, he immediately recommended a Terry seat that was wider than my previous seat. My goodness it was bad for me. Not even 2 miles into my ride and my sit bones were in pain. Remember this is the reason why you test a component out. To see whether it will work for you or not. Obviously, this one did not. So what did he do? He had me try a San Marco saddle the same day I had done the practice tri (Thanks Hugh!). The genius in this was the fact that my sit bones had made my butt sore so any disconformt or a new saddle would’ve been quickly identified. I kid you not, after a quick loop around town… I rode back to him with a big smile on my face. We got a winning seat. Smiley then proceeded to gift me the saddle. He didn’t ask for any money or anything in return for it. Now, please don’t assume that he is going to just gift you something when you go to him. I do want to make a point that this guy’s heart is too big to fit in his chest. And this shows not because he gifted the seat to me, but because you can tell how passionate he is about bikes as a whole. I can't tell you how many times he e-mailed me asking for feedback!

I’m happy I went to him and my only problem with the bike fit is the fact I didn’t do it sooner. I can tell you I am riding longer distances and at faster speeds with an absurd amount of comfort.

My two cents? Contact him if you as much have thought of getting a bike fit done.

Thanks for reading.

laineym3's ravatar laineym3    JOINED: 7/2/10    POSTS: 123
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 6/18/12 3:43 PM

sose- San Marco saddle you say? LOL, I think that may have been the saddle I gave Smiley since it did the complete opposite to me than for you! That saddle was a medieval torture device on me :p

It'd be kinda cool if it was my saddle. Pay it forward! :) I'm glad it went to use.

Yes, Smiley is awesome!


sose    JOINED: 6/21/11    POSTS: 14
RE: Best BIKE FIT in the area, hands down
POSTED: 6/21/12 7:50 AM

Confirmed by Smiley himself. Elaine's old saddle is my current one. That's awesome!

Paying it forward indeed. If anyone comes accross a drop handlebar from a Cannondale, it was prolly mine!

Thanks Elaine! :)

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