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Training tips in between triathlons
CREATED: 06/21/11 by jgreen93 REPLIES: 1
jgreen93    JOINED: 2/23/11    POSTS: 5
Training tips in between triathlons
POSTED: 6/21/11 11:06 AM

I just finished the ODTP training program and completed my first olympic distance triathlon (and first tri ever) at the DC Tri. Now wondering what experienced triathletes would recommend for staying in shape and getting ready for future events this summer. As of now, I'm only signed up for Nation's in September and I know a new group of ODTPers are beginning training for that race now. But it doesn't seem to make sense to start at the beginning of the ODTP program again to build up to Nation's when I'm already at an olympic distance level of fitness. Are there any specific routines or plans people would suggest for staying in shape in between tris and then, for example, going hard a month or so out from the next event?

I would appreciate any suggestions or tips people may have. And I know many other club members are in exactly the same boat and would also benefit from some guidance.

Thank you,


bsull184's ravatar bsull184    JOINED: 2/6/10    POSTS: 283
RE: Training tips in between triathlons
POSTED: 6/21/11 11:51 AM

I'm sure AJ would be willing to offer you some parting advice as you move on from that program.

The only big piece of advice I can give is that you need to remain consistent. Even consistently training "poorly" (which is really really hard to do, honestly) nets you more long term gains than inconsistently training "properly".

Personally, my training really isn't structured for months out like the ODTP or other programs, though others certainly do plan to that extent. I take it week by week, fit in things that I can with my schedule, and listen to when my body tells me I'm doing too much or too little. Take some of the weeks on the ODTP that you felt really helped you and worked with your schedule and build them into your own workout plan.

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