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48cm Cervelo P2C w/ Zipp 404 (650cc)
CREATED: 08/10/11 by gonepedaling REPLIES:
gonepedaling    JOINED: 5/16/11    POSTS: 1
48cm Cervelo P2C w/ Zipp 404 (650cc)
POSTED: 8/10/11 2:23 PM

2007 Cervelo P2C (48cm) with Zipp 404 wheels (650cc) priced to sell at $2500.

Loved, doted on and in excellent condition. This bike likes to go fast—Chrissie Wellington road this bike to a 1st place finish in Kona in 2007.

Comes with Easton wheels (650cc) for training and Zipp 404s for racing. The two wheel sets alone retail for over $2000. Black and blue frame, full carbon, Dura-Ace front/rear derailleur, bar end shifters and chain, carbon FSA cranks, Vision aero bars. Upgraded Specialized saddle, and all new cables, housing, and chain.
Happy to send pictures or answer any questions:

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