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Olympic Distance Training Program Registration Open
CREATED: 03/14/11 by courtr26 REPLIES: 3
courtr26's ravatar courtr26    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 119
Olympic Distance Training Program Open
POSTED: 3/14/11 12:34 PM

If you missed getting into NTP you still have another option to sign up for an Olympic Distance Training Program! Please read details below and sign up in the shop.

Olympic DistanceTraining Program
DC Tri Club 2011

Registration Deadline Dates

Registration for the Olympic Distance Training Program is on a rolling basis. To ensure that there is adequate time to follow the 15-week (10-week minimum) plan and prepare for the goal race, participants should register at least 10-15 weeks before the goal race. You will get more out of the program if you register to train all fifteen weeks offered. Registration will close ten weeks out from each goal race.

*No program will start any earlier than 15-weeks out from the goal race. If you are doing an Olympic distance race other than the program goal races listed below, your program will be adjusted to start 15 weeks out from that specific race date.

Listed below are the key registration dates for the DC Triathlon and the three program goal races. The dates include the 15-week start dates, when the program will officially start, and official close dates 10-weeks out from the race.

DC Triathlon, June 19th: 15-week start date- week of March 13th; 10-week - closes April 10th
Mid-Atlantic Championship race, Rocketts Landing, July 24th: 15-week start date - April 10th; 10-week - closes May 15th
The Nation's Triathlon, September 11th: 15-week start date - May 29th; 10-week - closes July 3rd
The National Club Championship Race, Myrtle Beach Triathlon - October 8th: 15-week start date - June 25th; 10-week close date - July 30th
The Training Plan:

The plan will consist of fifteen weeks of workouts designed to take an athlete with prior Sprint Distance triathlon experience and bring him or her to the point where he or she can comfortably complete an Olympic Distance race. The program is also appropriate for athletes who have completed an Olympic or International distance race but would like to improve their results.

Each week’s plan will incorporate specific swimming, cycling, and running workouts appropriate for that phase of the overall training plan. Because the program relies on heart rate zone based training, the program will include options to help participants estimate and/or obtain their own training zones.

Group workouts will be held monthly and will coincide with one of the clinics. Participants will be provided with a forum to use for coordinating other group workouts on their own.

Swim Clinics

Swim clinics will help participants work on their swim-stroke technique and drills. Additionally, our coach will provide tips on how to improve swim time and efficiency during the race.

Cycling Technique

Our cycling skills clinic will focus on maintaining strong cadence and the importance of turnover to overall efficiency and speed.

Running Technique

Learn how improved running technique can help you maximize your efficiency and speed as well as minimize your risk of injury.

Transition Practice

The transition practice session will focus on improving the transition performance to reduce transition times. Rather than a ‘clinic’ structure, this would be part of a three-sport workout where each participant refines his or her transition in a race-like atmosphere. The clinic facilitator will provide tips and answer questions as necessary.

Group Forum

A separate forum will be established on the DC Tri Club website to share program information and workouts. This forum will only be accessible to the participants, coaches, and coordinators.

E-mail Group

An e-mail group will be established for program participants to share information, ask questions and coordinate workouts. Questions about our workouts, the overall program, and any other concerns that arise may also be addressed on this forum where our coach and Coordinators will be available to provide assistance.

Electronic and Telephone Support

Our coach will be available to each participant by email and telephone to answer specific questions and respond to individual concerns.


The program cost is $100 per participant. Participants must be active members of the DC Tri Club. The maximum number of participants will be set at 100.

About the Coach:

Alyssa (AJ) Morrison, USAT Level 1 Coach

As a schooled physical therapist, AJ has been helping people improve their fitness for years. AJ is also a USAT triathlon coach, personal trainer and instructor in Pitaiyo (pilates, tai chi, yoga). Building on the experience as a collegiate athlete in track and field, AJ is a seasoned triathlete. She was named to DC Tri Club's Elite Team in 2010 and 2011. She represented the Elite Team at several long-course events including the 70.3 Championship in Clearwater. In addition, AJ represented the DC Tri Club, as well as Team USA, at the Duathlon World Championships in Edinburgh Scotland last Septermber. As the coach of DC Tri Club's Half Ironman Program and Olympic Distance Training Program, AJ looks forward to sharing her knowledge and inspiring others in the DC Triathlon Club.

KBRESLIN    JOINED: 1/24/10    POSTS: 62
RE: Olympic Distance Training Program Registration Open
POSTED: 6/07/11 1:17 PM

How do I go about signing up for the Nations Olympic training?

bcfrank's ravatar bcfrank    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 1098
RE: Olympic Distance Training Program Registration Open
POSTED: 6/07/11 2:01 PM

Head on over to the Club Shop and select the Olympic Distance Training Program and purchase it like you do anything from the Shop.

And just as a reminder, entry into the Training Program does NOT include an entry into Nation's Triathlon. Sign up for that is separate and general registration for that is already sold out.

LalithaC    JOINED: 6/7/11    POSTS: 6
RE: Olympic Distance Training Program Registration Open
POSTED: 6/15/11 12:03 PM

Is this program still open for enrollment?
Are there people signed up for this that happen to live in Reston, VA (for morning and weekend workouts) or Arlington (for evening workouts)?


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