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Club Competition at the March 27 Multisport World Conference in North Bethesda, MD
CREATED: 03/14/11 by no-e-plz REPLIES:
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Club Competition at the March 27 Multisport World Conference in North Bethesda, MD
POSTED: 3/14/11 1:28 PM

Wanted to pass along this info in the event that you have not heard about the new club competition at this year's Multisport Expo.

Here's how to register for the Team Challenge
This email was sent to regional club leadership recently and I wanted to share it in the event that some of you are interested in gathering a team.

We wanted to invite you and your club members to kickoff the new tri season by attending the second annual Multisport World Conference and Expo at Georgetown Prep's Hanley Center for Athletic Excellence in North Bethesda, MD on March 27.

Multisport World offers you and your members a variety of ways to prepare for the new season, promote your club, compete against other clubs and just have fun. Here's how...

ATTEND: Admission to the Multisport World seminars and vendor expo is FREE. Seminars offer attendees valuable information on training, racing, injury prevention and more while the expo is an opportunity to learn about races directly from race directors, discuss training with certified coaches and check out the latest products and gear. Headlining this year's list of speakers is Karen Smyers, one of the most accomplished athletes in the history of the sport and USA Triathlon Hall of Fame inductee.

EXHIBIT: Clubs looking to recruit new members and raise awareness for their programs and activities are invited to become exhibiting sponsors on the Multisport World expo floor. Your club can have a presence on the expo floor for $150 and engage with the more than 1,000 triathletes expected to attend.

COMPETE: Multisport World features a variety of competitions and each one includes a "team" category. Competitions include:

· The Newton Running Campus Dash (a 3-mile run)
· The Bonzai Sports Relay Team Swim Challenge (a 4 x 400 yd swim relay)
· The Amaiza Fitness Indoor Bike Time Trial (a 10k race on CompuTrainers)

Enter a team into all three events as part of the Champion System Team Challenge and we'll combine your results and declare the overall Team Challenge Champion... all events feature cool swag and valuable prizes.

Visit the Multisport World website for complete details. Contact Mark Walter for information on getting a booth on the expo floor.

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