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2010 SRM BB30 SRAM S975 PowerMeter System
CREATED: 08/27/10 by macoffman REPLIES:
macoffman's ravatar macoffman    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 54
2010 SRM BB30 SRAM S975 PowerMeter System
POSTED: 8/27/10 5:55 PM

I just posted this on Craigs list ( ) but thought I would let you all know in case someone is interested.

I'm selling a brand new SRM power meter. This has never been used or mounted on a bike and is still in the box. The cranks are 175mm and it will work with BB30 bottom brackets. The control unit is the Power Control 6, the system is wireless, and can be used with ANT compatable head units from Garmin and Cycleops. Full details can be found at:

Retail is $3695 with the new Power Control 7 head unit so the retail value of this is about $100 less. I'm pretty sure SRM will let you exchange it for different crank lengths and styles and pay to upgrade the head unit but buyer is responsable for contacting them and verifying this.

This is $1250 less than retail and the price is not negotiable. Email with other questions.


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