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Polar S210 HRM - $75
CREATED: 06/06/09 by emle REPLIES:
emle's ravatar emle    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 127
Polar S210 HRM - $75
POSTED: 6/06/09 1:08 PM

Polar S210 heart rate monitor purchased in '01 and had the battery replaced in '04 or '05. Hasn't seen much use since then but has been stored in the hard case that it came in. Transmitter and user's manual included. The only part that is 'missing' is the little flap on the watch band that holds down the extra part of the band once it's hooked in. (if that makes sense). Works great and is the perfect HRM for a beginner.
Asking $75

Please email if interested.
eajacobs15 at yahoo dot com

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