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For the People: No drop ride out of GTown Sat 5/22
CREATED: 05/20/10 by Acotts REPLIES: 1
Acotts    JOINED: 5/29/09    POSTS: 32
For the People: No drop ride out of GTown Sat 5/22
POSTED: 5/20/10 2:20 PM

Hey folks. If there is interest, I am thinking of doing an easier no drop ride out of Georgetown this Saturday. We will keep the pace to 16-18 or so. We’ll go out to River Road and cut back through the neighborhoods with a focus on being a steady proper pace line with good smooth technique. It will be like 35 miles or so. If folks have a few more miles in ‘em, we can do some hot laps at Haines.

If you haven’t done much pace-lining other than some mornings at Haines Point, or are unsure if you can handle the normal Saturday rides, then this would be a good time to come out. No drops, no pressure, just a nice ride.

We'll go over some of the basic tenements of group rides, and then we’ll practice it until we look like PROs. I don’t know about you guys, but I went years before someone explicitly told me what was expected from me on a group ride. I found it really helpful and it generally made a sexier person.

Let me know if you are interested.

We’ll head out of Georgetown at 8am.

Acotts    JOINED: 5/29/09    POSTS: 32
RE: For the People: No drop ride out of GTown Sat 5/22
POSTED: 5/21/10 1:07 PM

It looks like this niche is already filled with the pensive pedalers. Good to see.

So unless I hear from 3 or 4 people who specifically want to do a ride like I described, assume it aint happening.

Later doods.

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