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Jarrod Shoemaker at Pacers June 16th
CREATED: 06/06/09 by IRA10k REPLIES:
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Jarrod Shoemaker at Pacers June 16th
POSTED: 6/06/09 5:19 PM

Elite Triathlete Jarrod Shoemaker, who represented Team USA at the 2008 Olympics, will be speaking at Pacers Running Stores Arlington location on Tuesday June 16th at 8pm.

Shoemaker will be in town to compete in the Dextro Energy Triathlon - ITU World Championship Series in Washington DC which takes place on 21 June.

He is currently ranked 6th in the series after two races. In 2005 Shoemaker won the U-23 World Championships. Prior to making the switch into triathlons he ran at Dartmouth College where he competed at the NCAA Championships in the 5000m.

Come along and hear what it is like to travel the world as an elite athlete. Get some advice on training and injuries from one of the best in the world.

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