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July 10 ride
CREATED: 07/09/10 by jhop REPLIES: 1
jhop's ravatar jhop    JOINED: 7/9/10    POSTS: 12
July 10 ride
POSTED: 7/09/10 9:43 AM

Is anyone planning on riding tomorrow? Do you still do a 8:20 pick-up in Georgetown?

hppeabody's ravatar hppeabody    JOINED: 9/17/09    POSTS: 193
RE: July 10 ride
POSTED: 7/09/10 11:05 AM

I am planning on doing 60 tomorrow morning...probably starting at 7am and I'm tentatively planning on stealing some iteration of Tuan's 20 mile Travilah ride from a couple of weeks ago

As it stands I'll just go from my apt in Van Ness but I'm open to meeting somewhere if anyone else wants to join.

I am hoping that if I'm not riding alone it will help me to maintain a quicker pace, but I'll warn you that I'm pretty slow as it stands-- with some hills and just the sheer distance (to date i haven't ever done more than 40...), we're talking 14-15 mph avg if I'm lucky..

if that sounds at all of interest, email me at hillarypeabody (at) yahoo (dot) com.


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