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IM Lake Placid update
CREATED: 07/26/09 by rdejonck REPLIES: 31
morunner66's ravatar morunner66    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 728
RE: IM Lake Placid update
POSTED: 7/28/09 4:02 PM

Kimberly, you kick a@#! Congrats, From Maureen & Clare!!!!

Incredible Swim - Then Negative Split in the Marathon - AMAZING!

We are so incredibly impressed and proud of you!

lcpolo18's ravatar lcpolo18    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2
RE: IM Lake Placid update
POSTED: 7/29/09 3:49 PM

Congrats to all the DC Tri members that I saw out on the course! Everyone looked awesome out there. Here are a couple other results from the club:

Peter Nguyen: 12:40:28
Darrell Zlotnick: 12:28:38

jules    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 110
RE: IM Lake Placid update
POSTED: 7/29/09 5:37 PM

Thanks everyone! It was an amazing experience and it was great to have so much support from home....we really appreciate it! Congrats to all my fellow racers....go DC Tri!!


adilks    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 290
RE: IM Lake Placid Race Report
POSTED: 7/30/09 10:43 PM

IM USA- Lake Placid Race Report

This was not only my first Ironman but also my first marathon. I decided to use this experience to raise money for the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance through the Janus Charity Fund. I raised my goal a few times starting at $3,000 and ended up meeting my final goal of $5,000. Thank you everyone that contributed to this charity. Because I participated in the Janus Charity Challenge, my bike was racked right behind the pros and my transition bags were next to the changing tents. This definitely helped my Transition times.

I felt like a total wreck the morning of the race. My stomach was so upset from nerves I thought I would puke. My friend, Sara, did the race last year and helped out a lot during race morning. Since she did the race last year she showed us where to go to drop off our special needs bags and where to go to get body marked. She also took some pre-race pictures and helped keep me calm. It was raining again, just like last year but it didn’t seem to faze me. There was nothing we could do about it anyway.

Swim: My goal: 1:30, actual time: 1:19
I am not a strong swimmer and am prone to panic attacks so of course I was very nervous about the mass start (2,258 swimmers all starting at the same time). Most people were hanging near the very front or near the sides , where they could touch, right before the gun went off. I was in the middle and inched up about halfway to the flags but didn’t want to get too close. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing about where I started. I had an easy start without many people around for the first couple minutes. I kept catching up to the group in front and then fighting the crowd until it opened up a little and then swimming until I caught up to the next group. I might have had a faster time if I started closer up, but I didn’t get knocked around too much so I don’t care. It definitely felt like I was swimming in a washing machine but it was the most fun that I have ever had during a triathlon swim.

T1: 8:42
After exiting the swim we had about a ¼ mile run to the transition. I grabbed my bike bag and headed into the changing tent. I heard stories about the volunteers helping with everything but there were so many people in the tent that I ended up doing everything myself. Not a big deal because I had the bag well organized and didn’t change clothes, just added a bike jersey and arm warmers.

Bike: My goal: 7-8 hours, actual time: 7:29 (14.9mph the same as most of my training rides)
This bike course is tough. I did the two loops during a training weekend over Memorial Day weekend and am very thankful for that because I knew what to expect. It was raining for about the first 10 minutes but then it cleared up and didn’t rain again the rest of the race. I felt really good for the first ¾ of the first loop but then the last 20 miles is basically up hill, with the last 12 being the worst. I still felt good but my pace slowed a lot. I ended the first loop and started out on the 2nd loop. This is the only time that I started to have negative thoughts go through my head. The beginning of the course was mostly uphill and after just surviving the hills at the end of the course I wanted a break. As soon as the negative thoughts started to run through my head, I stopped them. I forced myself to concentrate on the fun 6 mile decline that was coming up and then reminded myself that most of the course wasn’t this tough, only the beginning and end. So I survived the rest of the ride. By the end of the ride I was in pain and couldn’t wait to start running. My neck hurt so bad that I had a hard time staying in the aero position but my wrists and arms hurt when I came out of aero and my legs and butt were killing me. But soon I was done and onto the next leg.

T2: 3:19
A volunteer grabbed my bike; I grabbed my run bag and headed into the changing tent. I had more help from the volunteers here since the tent was less crowded. I didn’t change anything except my shoes and socks and took off.

Run: My goal: I had no idea since I’ve never done a marathon but was hoping for 5 ½ - 6 ½ hours
Actual time: 4:57 (11:21 min/mile)
I felt great once I started running. I didn’t feel any of the pains that I had during the bike. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep the pace that I was running so I decided to walk through each aid station and really take my time drinking water, Gatorade, cola and chicken broth. I was a little light headed both on the bike and run, but not bad. I really made sure to eat something and drink something every mile. With about 9 miles to go I caught up to Julie (my training partner), who was struggling a bit and walking at the time that I caught up to her (she was in the hurt locker). I asked if she was ok and if she wanted to run with me and she did. We ran together for the next 8 miles or so and really helped motivate each other. I think without her at my side I would have slowed my pace when I was running. Just like what happened on the bike, every muscle in my body started hurting again, but I wasn’t cramping and there was no reason not to run. I was losing motivation but kept saying to myself: “the more you run the sooner you’ll be done”. (a slight variation of my usual mantra “the faster you run the faster you’re done”) With a little less than a mile to go Julie picked up speed. She looked back at me and I told her to keep going. I crossed the finish line about 35 seconds behind her. The finish chute was awesome. There were people everywhere cheering and I heard them call my name saying I was an Ironman. I can’t believe that I didn’t cry coming across the finish line. I was just so happy to be done and couldn’t believe my time.

Final time: My goal: 14-15 hours (thinking that I would be closer to the 15 hours) Actual Time: 13:58
I went into this thinking that I would probably do another Ironman next year, knowing that the first race usually doesn’t go as expected. I assumed that I would finish thinking about all the things that I should have done differently. As it turns out, I think I might have had the perfect first race. Yes, I could have been faster on the bike, but I never expected to run as much of the marathon that I did. Will I do an Ironman next year? Time will tell….

The one thing that I really took away from this experience is to truly enjoy the experience, no matter what happens. I met a lot of people out on the run course that weren’t having the day that they expected, but they still were positive and accepted that this just wasn’t their day. Ironman day is a long day and there is a lot of room for error. I feel truly blessed that things went my way this time around and hope that if things are different next time (if there is a next time) that I will be able to handle the situation with as much grace as I saw out there. After all, you are still an Ironman, no matter how long it takes.

Thanks for reading!

lisalisadc's ravatar lisalisadc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 451
RE: IM Lake Placid update
POSTED: 7/30/09 10:51 PM

Wow, Angela you beat all of your predictions! Sounds like you trained well. I'm betting that you'll sign up for another IM soon.

dsgrunning's ravatar dsgrunning    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1481
RE: IM Lake Placid update
POSTED: 7/30/09 10:58 PM

Angie ... congrats on an awesome race. As a first timer wannabe, that was an very inspiring race report. Good job with the strong finish.

By the way, registration for IMFL opens up on Nov 8, 2009 :)


mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2217
RE: IM Lake Placid update
POSTED: 7/30/09 11:33 PM

Nice writing style--simple and clear. Shades of another great sportsman: Hemingway.

ncrcoach's ravatar ncrcoach    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1101
RE: IM Lake Placid update
POSTED: 7/31/09 4:07 AM

Angela, you may not have cried when you approached the finish line, but I had a couple of tears reading it. Congratulations and thanks for sharing. IM-Couer D'alene is still open! See you soon.

kev7's ravatar kev7    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 470
RE: IM Lake Placid update
POSTED: 7/31/09 6:58 AM

Awesome race!

nomisdc's ravatar nomisdc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 621
RE: IM Lake Placid update
POSTED: 7/31/09 8:00 AM

Great job overcoming the mental challenges. Congrats Ang!

irishnd02's ravatar irishnd02    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 116
RE: IM Lake Placid update
POSTED: 7/31/09 9:34 AM

Congrats Angie! I saw Julie rolling your bikes into Contes last night & got the clif notes version - definitely got goose bumps reading your RR. I'm so proud of you & lucky to have you as my mentor :)

mccannjl's ravatar mccannjl    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 216
RE: IM Lake Placid update
POSTED: 7/31/09 10:24 AM

Angie, what an awesome race! you had me in tears reading this at work! I especially appreciated hearing how your conquered the swim--and even enjoyed it, despite your tendency to panic (oh, how i can relate!)

so inspiring how you overcame your negative thoughts on the bike. (take a lesson, me!) and how great that you and julie found each other. that's got to be more than just coincidence--someone was watching you two!

I think the experience you had is directly related to the strength of your character and your determination.

Way to show us all how it's done. :)

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