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SWORKS bike and Zipps for sale
CREATED: 02/05/13 by rfalkdc REPLIES:
rfalkdc's ravatar rfalkdc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 45
SWORKS bike and Zipps for sale
POSTED: 2/05/13 2:52 PM

This is from a friend and former club member who lives in Colorado. He's willing to ship. Details are as follows:

2010 Specialized SWORKS Transition. Full SRAM Red group, Easton TT bars, SWORKS compact crank (50/34), Roval Star wheelset. Has 2 IM's on it, and in nearly perfect condition. $2750. Also selling my Zipp 808's tubulars (w/ Conti sprinters mounted, and a race spare setup) for $1250. Will ship for free, but price is fixed.

If interested contact mike.teubner on his gmail account. I'm just the messenger here.

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