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New to triathlon - again
CREATED: 03/07/13 by mattj REPLIES: 1
mattj's ravatar mattj    JOINED: 3/7/13    POSTS: 36
New to triathlon - again
POSTED: 3/07/13 12:05 PM

Hi club members. I just joined the club after attending the members meeting last Thursday.

I have about 4 years experience in triathlon, but none within the last nine years. I'm a Soldier, and while stationed in North Carolina I got sick of only running and decided to give triathlon a shot - and was immediately hooked. Having never swam a lap before, this was my biggest challenge. I worked up enough endurance to complete a few sprints and olympic distance events and then completed a HIM at the end of my second season. I then was reassigned to Germany and had the fortune of living very close to the IM Germany course. This was the lifelong athletic goal for me and after completing it at 28 years old, I took a break. Deployments and life then 'got in the way' and next thing I knew 9 years had passed and I really missed triathlon. This is my attempt to get back to the lifestyle I used to enjoy so much.

I have continued to run over the years, but have only done a little biking, and almost zero swimming. I have always trained by myself, but figure that some friendly motivation may be needed this time around, not to mention the chance to meet some great people.

I do most of my training (or plan to do most of it) on Mt Vernon trail and Hains Point. I'm in Crystal City, so it's very convenient - as long as I can avoid the crowds.

My race year starts with the R&R 1/2, Kinetic Sprint (to remember how this thing works) and then Eagleman. I will likely add a few more events for later in the year.

I'm looking forward to meeting more club members and hopefully getting back to what I used to enjoy so much.

Take care.


morunner66's ravatar morunner66    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 728
RE: New to triathlon - again
POSTED: 3/07/13 2:41 PM

Welcome - We are mostly a friendly bunch - only kidding - everyone is great. Lots of organized training rides, race and well - drinking if you can get around to it. Impromptu meetups and workouts alike. I ride on the W&OD when the weather is better - but I'm not very fast relatively speaking.

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