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New to the Area - Alexandria
CREATED: 07/27/09 by PinkTriathlete REPLIES: 2
PinkTriathlete    JOINED: 7/27/09    POSTS: 1
New to the Area - Alexandria
POSTED: 7/27/09 8:57 AM

Hey All,

I just graduated from Elon University and moved to the area. Will definitely be joining the club to get back into the sport have a break of a few years. Only competed in sprints, but very interested in a half-iron. Hope you all can help whip me into shape!

Looking forward to meeting you all soon . . .


P.S. Any good gym suggestions in the Alexandria area? (I work in Suitland, MD but it's not a great area to be working out).

jgeorge    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2
RE: New to the Area - Alexandria
POSTED: 7/27/09 11:28 AM

Hi Meridith,
I just relocated from NC myself last January. I'm still learning the area but would be glad to share what I have found. I live in the Del Ray area, does that sound like it would be convienent?

janice    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 17
RE: New to the Area - Alexandria
POSTED: 7/27/09 1:15 PM

Welcome to you both. You have a few options in the Alexandria area. Gold Gym on Glebe Rd, the Energy Club which is actually in Shirlington but not too far, the Washington Sports Club up on Quaker Lane/Rt 7, the YMCA which is over on Monroe Street (off of RT 1 South / Del Ray), Sport and Health in Old Town on Fairfax and Madison and there is a new place that opened up on King Street - Snap Fitness. It's a 24-hr kind of place that isn't staffed 24/7. I have not been to it but have been to all of the above mentioned and am a member of the Energy Club.
As far as running, Pacers running store on King Street hosts a Tues/Thurs night fun run. The group is pretty large and folks of all paces attend so you will always have someone to run with there. Routes are 5.5 on Tues and 5 on Thurs and they meet a little before 7 right outside the store. They also host Sat morning long runs that meet in various locations.
For swimming, you can swim at the YMCA if your a member or you can swim at Chinquapin. Chinquapin is up on Rt. 7/King Street next to TC Williams HS and is one of the City's recreational centers. The pool is really nice and you can buy a 25 visit pass. Additionally, in the summer months, the Old Town outdoor pool on Cameron Street is open and has a few lap lanes available. It is only open until 7 on weekdays but opens at noon on SAt and Sun and provides a nice change of pace. Admission is 2.00 I think for residents.
Hope that helps! I've lived in Old Town for nearly 7 years now.

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