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For Sale: Zipp 808 Rear w/Dura-Ace Cassette
CREATED: 05/21/10 by Scssx937 REPLIES:
Scssx937    JOINED: 5/21/10    POSTS: 3
For Sale: Zipp 808 Rear w/Dura-Ace Cassette
POSTED: 5/21/10 4:12 PM

Up for sale is a 2008 Zipp 808 Tubular Rear Wheel (700 w/ Shimano hub) complete w/ Dura Ace 7900 12-27 Cassette and Zipp Tangente Tire.

Wheel is in excellent condition with less than 200 race miles on it (never used in training). Tire has less than 100 miles on it. Never crashed/dropped/impacted, used Zipp's carbon-specific brake pads, 100% true.

If desired, I also have a Dura Ace 7800 12-25 cassette I will put on in place of the 12-27. The wheel was bought and set up as a climbing wheel for hilly courses.

Asking $900 w/ cassette, $800 w/ no cassette. I will also sell the other cassette for $125.

Contact me (Steve) at 703-407-5258 or
I live in Falls Church and work in Chantilly. I'd be willing to meet to show you the wheel/complete the sale to save you on shipping.

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