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Specialized Toupe Saddle
CREATED: 10/17/10 by KingsPoint2001 REPLIES:
KingsPoint2001's ravatar KingsPoint2001    JOINED: 11/2/09    POSTS: 99
Specialized Toupe Saddle
POSTED: 10/17/10 9:10 PM

Selling a Specialized Toupe Road Bike Saddle that has less than 90 miles on it. I switched over to a tri bike saddle and no longer needed it. It's practically new. I paid $150. Asking for $100. Below are the specs from the specialized website. I have pictures I can send. Not sure how to post them to the forum. I put up a craigslist ad at:


This minimalist road saddle features a tuned flex shell for a compliant ride and patented Body Geometry technology.

* Patented BG design is lab tested to assure blood flow to sensitive arteries
* "Medium" rated Tuned Density Foam for longer rides
* "Medium" stiffness carbon-reinforced shell for flexible comfort
* Lightweight hollow titanium rails
* Tough, light and water-resistant Micromatrix cover
* Length: 270mm
* Width: 143mm approx. weight 185g (+/-5%)*

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