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Tri360 Pre-Season SALE this weekend (3/22-3/24)
CREATED: 03/22/13 by Tri360Kate REPLIES:
Tri360Kate    JOINED: 3/22/13    POSTS: 14
Tri360 Pre-Season SALE this weekend (3/22-3/24)
POSTED: 3/22/13 11:33 AM

Hi DC Tri! We want to share our pre-season celebration sale at Tri360, in Arlington. The following are some of our specials this weekend both in store (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and at TriMania (Sunday).

- 15% off ALL in-stock clothing and wetsuits (with the exception of apparel the sales rack mentioned below)
- 5% of ALL in-stock and special order bikes (yep, we'll apply the discount to special order bikes, but we will take a 50% deposit on the price of the special order bike)
- New discounts and a replenished sales rack that features all Orca triathlon clothing and is now at 50% off (trust us, it's REALLY full)

And, the new Orbea Ordu tri bike that's been setting all the records is here in stock. We'll have the first of our fleet built up by the end of Friday.

Hope to see you all swing by this weekend! We're planning on a huge celebration this weekend! Tri360 is located at 2121 N. Westmoreland St, Arlington, VA. Find out more about us at or like us on FB at

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