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Eurocycler Trip- April 2010
CREATED: 11/04/09 by adilks REPLIES: 4
adilks    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 290
Eurocycler Trip- April 2010
POSTED: 11/04/09 10:07 AM

DC Tri Club is partnered with Eurocycler to offer a 7 day cycling camp in Girona, Spain April 17-24, 2010. DC Tri members receive a 10% Discount if registered before December 31st and a 5% Discount if registered in 2010.

Local group preparation rides start in January.


pauldelv    JOINED: 5/23/09    POSTS: 10
RE: Eurocycler Trip- April 2010
POSTED: 11/04/09 11:16 AM

Hi all, I have been on this trip twice and it is both a TON of fun and a really great jump start to the season, you also learn some great bike handling skills and the coffee and wine are not terrible either ;)

We are hoping to get a good DC showing so we can have consistent training rides before we go and can have some camaraderie afterwards. There are ride groups available for all levels, but you are sure to leave stronger than you came.

Our DC specific page is not yet up on the Eurocycler site, but it is worth mentioning that there are opportunities for open water swimming, trail running, mountain biking, massage, and vo2max testing.

I'll be at the DC happy hour tonight around 8 if anyone has any questions.


lisalisadc's ravatar lisalisadc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 451
RE: Eurocycler Trip- April 2010
POSTED: 11/04/09 11:21 AM

Wow, this is great! I have heard the propreitor Richard speak before and was impressed. Also, have talked to people who have gone on his trips and recommended Eurocycler. Is the April camp - triathlon focused or cycling? He offers both.

Also, I am planning to do the Cadence Climbing Camp again next May. It coincides with the Tour of California and you get to see one stage. Cadence also has a climing camp in February. If anyone is interested in the Cadence camp, pls contact me (kildaylisa at The link for Cadence:

pauldelv    JOINED: 5/23/09    POSTS: 10
RE: Eurocycler Trip- April 2010
POSTED: 11/04/09 11:47 AM

HI Lisa, That week will be a cycling focused week. I think it is a lot better given the venue as the roads are really incredible and not very well trafficked. There are still run & swim opportunities during the week.
Richard and Dan are great guys and great coaches, they run a very tight ship.

pauldelv    JOINED: 5/23/09    POSTS: 10
RE: Eurocycler Trip- April 2010
POSTED: 1/15/10 8:33 AM

Hi All, We have received a great response but not too many were willing to pull the trigger. We went back to Eurocycler to try and get them to drop the rate. The trip now starts at $1,790 per person. you can email me at paul at for more information.

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