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UMD Run Coach- Interested Volunteer?
CREATED: 07/28/09 by tholman REPLIES:
tholman    JOINED: 7/28/09    POSTS: 3
UMD Run Coach- Interested Volunteer?
POSTED: 7/28/09 11:05 AM

Hey all,

I am the president for the tri club at UMD, College Park (started spring 2008) and we are trying to reach out to see if anyone (or even better, any 3... one for each sport) people would be interested in helping to coach our team. Right now I make the workouts for every practice and also participate in the workouts myself, but since I will be graduating next spring and will be stepping down as president this fall, I feel it would be best if we had someone else begin running practices.

We hold practices 6 days a week (2 days for each sport) that are not mandatory, but highly encouraged to our members (because more people = more fun). Mon-Fri practice will be around 6pm and Sat practices (usually a long bike) are around 2pm (I say around because we haven't received our facility space schedule yet). All of this will start in the fall.

So, as the running coach for our team you could not be paid (Campus Rec regulations) and would be required to design the workouts for 2 running days per week. We would also like the coach to be able to attend the run practices and monitor the workout. As we have a variety of abilities, in the past I have created 2 workouts for each practice (one for sprint/beginners, one for olympic/veterans) and this would also be desirable.

If you are interested or have any questions please let me know!

Tracey Holman

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