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"Race Across the Sky 2010" movie - Nov. 4
CREATED: 10/18/10 by PotomacTriathlete2009 REPLIES:
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"Race Across the Sky 2010" movie - Nov. 4
POSTED: 10/18/10 8:57 PM

Following on the success of the original "Race Across the Sky" movie last year, the producers filmed the Leadville 100 endurance mountain-bike race once again. The new movie is simply called "Race Across the Sky 2010". It will show in movie theaters across the country on Thur., Nov. 4, including several theaters in the D.C. area (Friendship Heights, Alexandria, Fairfax, Arlington, Tyson's Corner, Columbia, et al.).

Those who watched last year's movie know that the Leadville 100 race offers up spectacular natural views along with some tough racing way up in the Rocky Mountains. Though Lance Armstrong didn't race this year, Levi Leipheimer did. Leipheimer is featured in the movie along with blind adventure athlete Erik Weihenmayer (who rode on a tandem bike) and women's endurance mountain biking champion Rebecca Rusch (who gave a talk about endurance sports nutrition at Conte's of Arlington last year).

Fans of cycling, endurance sports and the great outdoors should enjoy watching the film. Check the official website for the list of theaters.

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