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Total Immersion
CREATED: 11/20/11 by Joejen REPLIES: 2
Joejen    JOINED: 8/17/10    POSTS: 1
Total Immersion
POSTED: 11/20/11 7:56 PM

Looking for a Total Immersion session, workshop, event, etc. Anyone know a pool that offers such a program in the area? I checked On Point Fitness and it looks like he hasn't updated in some time as the dates for classes are TBD for October still...

pmart15's ravatar pmart15    JOINED: 12/14/09    POSTS: 149
RE: Total Immersion
POSTED: 11/21/11 9:45 AM

I took some lessons there a couple years ago, he's pretty good.

Shoot him an email, his name is Lloyd Henry.

bsull184's ravatar bsull184    JOINED: 2/6/10    POSTS: 283
RE: Total Immersion
POSTED: 11/21/11 9:56 AM

Curl Burke puts on a 2 day, 4 hour (total) clinic at AU. Next one coming up is December 4th & 11th. It's not a TI branded thing, but the drills and lessons were similar. I believe the instructor said her high school coach was the founder of TI.

Ed posted some of the details here if you want more info:

I attended last spring and found it to be very helpful. I know Ed and a few others from the club were there at the time too. I might even go back and do the upcoming "refresher" clinic they have.

The instructors there also do private lessons, so the clinic would be a good meet & greet tryout to see if you like them.

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