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Swimming Assistance
CREATED: 03/30/14 by crutchfn REPLIES: 1
crutchfn    JOINED: 12/25/13    POSTS: 12
Swimming Assistance
POSTED: 3/30/14 10:56 AM


I'm currently training for Black Bear but finding the swim to be the hardest part for me. I usually swim at Marie Reed during the week and Dunbar on the weekends.

I'm looking to see if any experienced swimmers who swim in those areas wouldn't mind helping me out to work on my swim stroke. I don't think i'll have the time to attend/pay for any of the Masters swimming sessions but i really need to get my swim stoke resolved before the big day.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


dbowe's ravatar dbowe    JOINED: 9/7/09    POSTS: 137
RE: Swimming Assistance
POSTED: 4/02/14 12:58 PM

I would suggest contacting Olwen Huxley, who often swims at Marie Reed and coaches (in case you can do a couple of coached sessions).

Alternatively, I'm happy to help people out if you are willing to come to Eastern Market. I swam in college and have the worst swimming build of all time (linebacker), meaning I had to be perfect with stroke technique. Generally, you need to focus on doing a lot of drills to improve and inform your technique.

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