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2013 Race Planning with IM
CREATED: 09/14/12 by jorlie REPLIES:
jorlie's ravatar jorlie    JOINED: 11/19/10    POSTS: 57
2013 Race Planning with IM
POSTED: 9/14/12 5:57 PM

I’m seeking advice from our IM experts.

I’d like to do 2 HIMs prior to my 1st attempt at the full IM distance on June 30th. My 1st HIM of 2013 will be between 10-15 weeks before the IM, which should keep me focused during my early season training.

Now to my point…What’s the closest you can do a HIM prior to an IM and still add value to your IM specific training? I’m concerned about the timing of a tune-up race (2nd HIM of 2013), like using an oly race 2-3 wks prior to your HIM “A” race. I imagine that with a solid 2 week IM taper, I’d be looking at a minimum of 4 weeks out. Is 4 weeks out still too close for a HIM? Thoughts? What would be the ideal timing for the last HIM prior to an IM?

Happy 2013 season planning to all. I look forward to some good input.


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