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Wetsuit advice for a newbie?
CREATED: 05/18/12 by Nicole REPLIES:
Nicole's ravatar Nicole    JOINED: 1/21/12    POSTS: 72
Wetsuit advice for a newbie?
POSTED: 5/18/12 11:14 AM

I'm an NTP'er looking to buy my first wetsuit. I've read through some older posts on this in the forum, which were very helpful. But I have a couple more questions ...

I was interested in the Xtrerra wetsuits but I have heard/read that they rip and tear fairly easy. Anyone have experience with this? Are there any brands that are particularly good or bad on this score?

I also have been looking around for places that may have used wetsuits on sale. There are still a few at Freshbikes (Bethesda and Arlington), but unfortunately not in my size. The timing's probably off for specials from last season, but if anyone has suggestions, they would be much appreciated.


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