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New to MD
CREATED: 05/23/12 by dmd326 REPLIES: 4
dmd326's ravatar dmd326    JOINED: 10/28/10    POSTS: 71
New to MD
POSTED: 5/23/12 10:34 AM

So, I've lived in DC and trained there for the last few years. Mostly at Rock Creek Park and the Takoma Park pool. I just moved to Greenbelt and wondered if any other DC tri-ers lived up there. Looking for any great swimming/workout/run/bike options as well. Could really use a good pilates or yoga class.


laineym3's ravatar laineym3    JOINED: 7/2/10    POSTS: 123
RE: New to MD
POSTED: 5/23/12 1:01 PM

Hi, we do have a MD group, but it's based mostly in Montgomery County.

most of us swim out of the Rockville pool (they just opened their 50m outdoor!) or the MAC in Bethesda. Our rides are mainly out of Laytonsville, MD or Glen Echo.

I know it's still somewhat far from Greenbelt, but if you're ever in the area!


skarpers's ravatar skarpers    JOINED: 5/9/11    POSTS: 42
RE: New to MD
POSTED: 5/23/12 1:18 PM


I have a Greenbelt loop that I do that starts near the metro.

I usually ride up there on Tues.

Also Fairland's Sport & aquatic center has a very nice pool and is about a 10 minute drive from Greenbelt

Abernethy    JOINED: 3/17/12    POSTS: 3
RE: New to MD
POSTED: 5/23/12 3:24 PM

Greenbelt has a nice pool, but the U of M has a great recreation center that you can join -- they have all kinds of great classes (yoga, masters swimming, spin etc). You do not need to be a student or affiliated with the University to join. I live in College Park so have taken a lot of yoga, fitness, and spin classes there and think they are great.

There is a bike group that rides from Ivy Lane in Greenbelt (potomac pedalers) on Wednesday nights at 6:30. I have not gone on a ride with them yet, but hear it is a big group and lots of paces.

Nice to hear there are other DC Tri members out this way!

sportsbrajen's ravatar sportsbrajen    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 42
RE: New to MD
POSTED: 5/24/12 5:33 AM

Adding to what the others have provided, Greenbelt National Park is good for trail running. I think PGCRRC runs out of there on Saturdays. The loop is also good for intervals on the bike. There are some weeknight bike races there in the summer.

Also, the Northwest Branch/Anacostia River Trail System is good for long runs. There has been a recent uptick in crime along parts of the trail.$!26+Recreation/PDF/Maps/Anacostia+Trail+Map+2010.pdf

There's a 50m outdoor county pool in College Park

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