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New Member in Prince George's County
CREATED: 03/05/14 by Prairie_Pouncer REPLIES:
Prairie_Pouncer    JOINED: 3/5/14    POSTS: 1
New Member in Prince George's County
POSTED: 3/05/14 2:31 PM

I've lived in the D.C. area for about a year. I joined D.C. Tri because it seems more interesting than an aerobics class and more social than hiring a personal trainer (again). Although I have a bike, a swimsuit, and a pair of running shoes, I don't know that I swim/ride/run particularly fast, and I would like to improve upon these skills. I realize that I should have joined the program for newbies, but alas, I just now discovered you all.

What I hope to gain from D.C. Tri:
1. workouts that introduce me to new parts of D.C.
2. inspiration from others to work out hard
3. structured workouts

Right now, I would describe myself as strong but slow. If the forum could steer me toward intro-level workouts/activities, I would greatly appreciate it!

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