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Zipp 404 Carbon Clinchers for sale
CREATED: 11/01/13 by SeanPierce REPLIES: 1
SeanPierce's ravatar SeanPierce    JOINED: 1/17/13    POSTS: 7
Zipp 404 Carbon Clinchers for sale
POSTED: 11/01/13 9:59 AM

Gently used 2010 Zipp 404s for sale. These wheels came stock on my tri bike and unfortunately I had no use for them as my powertap was already laced up in another set. They were used for a few months on my road bike and have been hanging on the wall ever since.

These are great all-condition race wheels...very stiff and fast. They are in perfect condition, brake track, true with no blemishes. Bold white stickers which I like more than the black on black that I currently use. has a disk cover for the rear wheel if you are really serious for 99$. Rev Cycles will lace up a powertap hub for 65$ if your interested in that approach. That is how I set up my primary pair...

Make me an offer...I'm motivated to sell. I need a new cross bike:) Thanks!

asidel's ravatar asidel    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 28
RE: Zipp 404 Carbon Clinchers for sale
POSTED: 11/14/13 9:42 PM

Please e-mail me at adam@sidelfamily-dot-com. I would like to discuss the wheels with you. Thank you.

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