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Trek Bike Advice
CREATED: 05/21/13 by janineharris REPLIES: 1
janineharris    JOINED: 1/20/12    POSTS: 5
Trek Bike Advice
POSTED: 5/21/13 8:59 AM

I just won a Trek hybrid at Bike to Work Day. Very lucky-- but not the bike I need so going to try to trade it in for a road bike. Any thoughts on BH and /or Trek bikes? If I can trade in this is a Bicycle Place in Silver Spring and they don't carry a ton of bike brands. In a very quick look, looks like Trek is expensive for what you get. I currently ride a Kona Honky Tonk, a commuter road bike that I actually love even if it's not a fancy road bike. So I'm looking to upgrade to a lighter bike, but not spend too much.

Any thoughts on Treks or BH would be great.

pserfass's ravatar pserfass    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 450
RE: Trek Bike Advice
POSTED: 5/21/13 9:03 AM

Fun! Two ideas:
1) Try selling it in the classifieds section of the forum. I'm sure there are some folks looking for a commuter.

2) If you do a trade, focus on a frame that fits you well and you enjoy riding (test several!), then focus on components. Don't worry about the wheels. You can always upgrade those later.

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