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CycleOps Trainer
CREATED: 09/17/09 by riggodrill REPLIES: 2
riggodrill's ravatar riggodrill    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 105
CycleOps Trainer
POSTED: 9/17/09 6:23 PM

I'm looking to borrow a CycleOps trainer through end of November. Training for IMAZ and it looks like in order to get the miles in on weekdays, I'm going to have to move indoors.

If someone can hep out, email me directly... tomcollins at mac dot com.

nelsb7p0's ravatar nelsb7p0    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 441
RE: CycleOps Trainer
POSTED: 9/18/09 10:21 AM

Tom - not sure where you live, but Conte's in Bethesda has a CycleOps Studio. They have pretty much have all the courses, so would imagine they have AZ. I was in there a few weeks ago and they hadn't set it back up but I imagine they will soon based on the note about it on their website

I did a few rides in there last year and as long as you give them a call in advance they should accommodate - especially if you get a group. It does get pricey after a while but a good deal over dropping $2k on the CycleOps setup.

ppgodes's ravatar ppgodes    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 83
RE: CycleOps Trainer
POSTED: 9/18/09 10:32 AM


I have one you can borrow...I teach Spin 2 x a week, so that is my "bike time" during the week. I shouldn't need it until it gets really cold.

Shoot me a FB e-mail and you can pick it up...I live in Arlington...will be going out of town this weekend, but will be back Sunday evening.



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