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DC Residents Petition for access to Track
CREATED: 03/02/09 by nicoleshue REPLIES:
nicoleshue's ravatar nicoleshue    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 136
DC Residents Petition for access to Track
POSTED: 3/02/09 9:41 PM

There is a movement afoot by a neighborhood association to gain public access to the track at Dunbar High School, which is between 1st/3rd and N/P Streets, NW. The track is really nice looking, but unfortunately not generally open to the public. There is a petition being circulated to gain support for public access, and the head of the neighborhood association is accepting emails from anyone who resides
in DC.

For those of you who live on the Hill, although you may not have ventured over to this part of town, it's quick and convenient to Hill residents, and it would be fantastic to have a track available for morning or evening workouts. If you are interested in supporting public access, feel free to email Jim Berry (head of the Bates Area Civic Association) at I've attached the blurb from this month's civic association meeting below.

Thanks for your support! (PS -- they're only accepting emails from DC residents, although you can live anywhere in DC)

Resident Access to Track and Field at Dunbar Senior High School : A petition has been developed that asks the DC Public Schools, Council Member Harry Thomas, Jr., and Mayor Adrian Fenty to help community residents to gain access to the Track and Field at Dunbar Senior High School for purposes of walking, jogging, running and other forms of
exercise. Specifically, we would like to work out a written Community Agreement with Dunbar HS/DCPS whereby the general public could have access to this amenity during morning, evening, as well as weekend hours that do not interfere with the operations of the school. If you support this initiative and are willing to help gather the signatures
of your family members, friends and neighbors on the petition, please let us know and we will forward an electronic copy to you.
Alternatively, if you call (202) 387-8520 arrangements can be made to have copies of the petition delivered to you. In the event that you don’t have the available time to help with the circulation of the petition but still want to support the initiative, we ask that you send an email conveying that support to the following email address: and that you encourage others whom you know that are similarly situated to do the same.

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