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New to Tri, Fairfax
CREATED: 04/04/10 by Sam REPLIES: 1
Sam's ravatar Sam    JOINED: 3/29/10    POSTS: 10
New to Tri, Fairfax
POSTED: 4/04/10 7:49 PM

I'm training for my first sprint tri at the end of June. I live in Fairfax (Kings Park West, by 123 and Braddock Rd.) and wanted to see if anyone would like a training partner. I don't really know what I'm doing but would love someone to help hold me accountable, and vise versa. Shoot me an e-mail. Thanks - Sam

kdoliver's ravatar kdoliver    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 20
RE: New to Tri, Fairfax
POSTED: 4/05/10 7:11 AM


I am glad to hear that you will doing your first tri. We have plenty of members always looking for a training partner. Don't hesitate to ask about your training here on the Forum or better yet--come to a HH and ask someone in person.


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