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St. George IM 2012
CREATED: 05/08/12 by mosered REPLIES: 1
mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2217
St. George IM 2012: Wild
POSTED: 5/08/12 2:31 PM

5-ft waves, 50-mph downhills; clubbers Ben Winterroth 10:15, Dave Venables 11:44, Andy Blatecky 12:51, studs:

Lance140pt6    JOINED: 12/2/11    POSTS: 38
RE: St. George IM 2012
POSTED: 5/08/12 3:11 PM

Damn, this really is one long race......according to that article, the race seems to still be going on!

The first woman out of the water, fifth overall, was San Francisco’s Meredith Kesler. Another woman, Mackenzie Madison of Eugene, Ore., was about 30 seconds behind Kesler.

[b]"After the bike ride, the athletes will embark on a marathon run (26.2 miles) before finishing in downtown St. George sometime after 3 p.m."[b]

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