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58cm Iro Fixed Gear - Majestic, like the smell of fresh cut grass in a dewey Spring morning.
CREATED: 07/30/09 by Acotts REPLIES: 1
Acotts    JOINED: 5/29/09    POSTS: 32
58cm Fixed- Worldy, Sophisticated, Majestic
POSTED: 7/30/09 8:13 AM

Still thinning out the heard.

I'm selling my Iro Jamie Roy fixed gear. This is a real, American made frame. Not some no-name junk off ebay. Frame is aluminum. Its light and stiff.

The owner, Tony is awesome. You call customer service and it goes to his house and he will help you. Its pretty cool. He helped me install the crank while he was making meatballs.

Its a 58 x 58.

Custom build rear Velocity Deep V wheel on a flip flop hub -- built by the wheel Guru at Spokes in Alex. Front is a velomax vista. (they look almost identical)

The bike is white with all silver components. Brooks leather bar wrap, and a matching surly pleather seat. Think tamed unicorn in a virgin forest.

The crank is an Iro as is the hub.

The bar plugs are wine corks from two very expensive bottles of red. In fact, those corks probably cost $100 between the two of them and certainly led to some ferocious love making. Yup, its that awesome.

The whole bike is pretty slick. I have gotten tons of compliments on it.

I have never ridden on a track, so I dont know if its track-ready. I am guessing it is too pretty for the track. Its certainly hipster ready.

Its going on Ebay on Saturday. Im gonna let the cool kids fight it out.

Other than the basic wear and tear that a white bike gets (scratches really show up if you look close)its in perfect shape. Probably only has 500 or so miles on it. It makes a great rain bike as their are almost no components.

I am sad to let this bike go becuase it is a damn cool bike. Not to mention it is without a doubt the best bike for rest days. The fixed gear just moves those legs around and loosens the body up. plus, you loose the excuse, "its raining, I dont want to mess up my bike." Biking in the rain is awesome. You are missing out (especially this year) if you dont do it.

Willing to let it go for $550.

I got picks if interested.


P.S. The Kestrel has been sold to someone who is faster than you.

pserfass's ravatar pserfass    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 450
RE: 58cm Iro Fixed Gear - Majestic, like the smell of fresh cut grass in a dewey Spring morning.
POSTED: 7/30/09 2:21 PM

ooh! Awesome bike!

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