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Open Water?
CREATED: 06/11/09 by jpacovich REPLIES: 22
ShannonO    JOINED: 7/10/09    POSTS: 17
RE: Open Water?
POSTED: 7/10/09 9:41 AM

Thanks for the response, I appreciate it. I'm trying to decide whether to do it. I think in terms of my swim strength I can do it but I just don't have any experience with open water. I plan to do some searching here for advice on needed practice before first OWS event, and the necessity of a wetsuit!

ppgodes's ravatar ppgodes    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 83
RE: Open Water?
POSTED: 7/10/09 12:17 PM

This is for Julie...

Julie, I'm also doing Columbia probably saw the post on their site that they're holding an open water swim practice on Friday, 31 July at the race site, at like some ungodly early time (6am or something).

I'm actually taking leave so I can head there and practice in the same water I'll be racing...I use that term

If you haven't considered it, you might want to try to be there. Actually practicing beforehand in the water you're going to race in will make a world of difference in your confidence level. And it's nice they hold it a month out, not the day before, like Nation's.

I'll probably bring my bike and ride the course afterwards, so if you go and want to ride along, you're more than welcome. I have to keep it slow - recovery ride pace - since I'm doing a Sprint that Sunday.


juliemcdowell    JOINED: 5/13/09    POSTS: 19
RE: Open Water?
POSTED: 7/10/09 1:17 PM

Hi, Paula...I did see that, and I do plan on being there. Would love to ride with you afterwards.
My e-mail is, if you want to contact me separately to set up a time to meet, etc.
Yes, I did see that it was early--I work from home and my schedule is very flexible, so I can likely go whenever.
Have you done this event before?

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