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Affordable Racing/Tri-Bikes Online
CREATED: 02/15/10 by shanimcooke REPLIES: 1
shanimcooke    JOINED: 12/7/09    POSTS: 5
Affordable Racing/Tri-Bikes Online
POSTED: 2/15/10 10:54 AM

Dear Newbies,
I didn't make the bike clinic so I hope I'm not giving you any bad advice but I bought a racing bike online last year and while I haven't raced on it yet I enjoyed riding it the few time I did. The shop where I took it to get assembled (it comes unassembled and I am to technologically challenged to try...) said it was a solid bike. I think comparable I more than got my money's worth.

Take a look at the site and decide for yourselves... it might save you a buck or two.



dsgrunning's ravatar dsgrunning    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1481
RE: Affordable Racing/Tri-Bikes Online
POSTED: 2/15/10 12:24 PM

The prices on those bikes are quite cheap. The free shipping ain't bad either. However, I would cautioned the newbies from buying a bike without knowing your proper size. A 54 cm bike from one brand doesn't necessarily translate to a 54 cm from another. While you *may* get away with having an ill-fitted bike for the casual Sunday bike ride or for rides of 25 miles or less, you will not be able to get away with it once you upped your mileage for longer rides or upped the intensities of your training. Where they may manifest themselves are in back pain, knee injuries, crotch pain, and arm/shoulder pain.

People have done triathlons in bikes they got in high school or from garage sales but keep in mind that if you are looking to do this sport long term, it might be better to get a properly fitted bike (i.e., a little bit more expensive) from a local bike shop than from online. Going cheap now may be penny-wise but pound foolish ... especially if you have long term triathlon aspirations.

People buy bike frames and bikes online all the time. Generally speaking, those people know exactly what they are looking for. As a newbie, you may not. I'm not saying buy it or don't buy it. I'm saying that you should put in the proper research on your size and how it translate to the bike manufacturer's size before clicking the buy button.

On another note, the website site referenced has a link to "triathlon" bikes. The pictures of those bikes are not what one normally considers triathlon bikes. When a person say that they have a "tri" bike, they are referring to a time trial bike (i.e., shifters at the end of the tri bars, tube angles, among a few other other things). The website shows a road bike with clip-ons and calls it a triathlon bike. Just a minor point for the newbies who do not know the difference between one versus the other. Don't want you to get a road bike with clip-ons thinking that you got a time trial bike.


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