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2008 Specialized Transition
CREATED: 12/27/09 by ndusty REPLIES:
ndusty's ravatar ndusty    JOINED: 11/30/09    POSTS: 8
2008 Specialized Transition
POSTED: 12/27/09 11:20 PM

i'm selling my 2008 specialized transition. It is used 2 season with 4 halfs and an IM under its belt. Its an amazing bike and I get many compliments out on the course. It's the yellow and black comp version with 105 and Ultegra on it. Its decked out with Zipp aero bars and I would consider selling my Zipp 606s (808 in rear and 404 in front) with it.

Its never been crashed and taken care of extremely well! I've flown to a few races with it but its always traveled in a hardbox that is well padded.

Its a 52cm frame. I'd say its a perfect fit for anyone who is 5'5" - 5'8. I'm 5'7" and everything is positioned in the mid range.

FAST FAST FAST...this bike has treated me well.

PLease contact me at if you want to know more info or to come check it out.

$1900 w/o wheels
$2900 w/ wheels


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