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Summer Quarter Newsletter
CREATED: 07/02/12 by miataj REPLIES: 24
miataj's ravatar miataj    JOINED: 3/5/11    POSTS: 221
RE: Summer Quarter Newsletter
POSTED: 9/24/12 11:29 AM

Hello swimmers,

Hope you enjoyed the first week back in the pool with your coaches on deck! It was great seeing you all! Have you done any races? The season is coming to a close soon, and we'd love to hear about your performances.


1 - You all should have received communication regarding registration for the Masters program fall quarter. Remember, the current summer quarter is being extended an extra couple of weeks to make up for the extended closing at Wilson. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

2 - Open Water Swim - This Thursday is the last National Harbor OWS. These open water swims are run by Wave One, who also coach at our practices. It'll be the last one of the year and a great opportunity to race prep and swim in wetsuits before the remaining late season races. Swim time is from 6:00-7:00pm. We will have a post-swim gathering at Cadillac Ranch for food and drinks. NOTE: the change in time! Since the sun is setting earlier, the start time has moved up! Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you'd like to attend via

3 - Be sure to congratulate our co-lead, Katie Tobin on an amazing finish at the Waterman's Sprint this weekend! 3rd overall female in the entire race!! Also congratulate Marc Nester who finished 2nd in his age group at the Richmond Rox Half Ironman!

4 - You may notice this coming Friday that all the co-leads will not be in attendance. They're not out at the club having drinks - instead, they are all traveling down to Augusta, GA to compete in the 70.3 Half Ironman! Be sure to with them luck and give them pointers and advice before they head out of town!

Article of the week: Balance Your Blades

Shoulder injuries are common in swimming! Read about some helpful exercises to avoid injury.

Warm up sets (to be completed before practice!):

5 x 100 - build swim

3 x 200
#1 - 100 kick, 100 swim
#2 - 100 swim, 100 kick
#3 - 200 swim

6 x 150 - kick, drill swim by 50
#5 and #6 should build up to 75% effort

Have a great week everyone!
Your co-leads,
Amanda, Catharine, Holli, Jule and Katie

miataj's ravatar miataj    JOINED: 3/5/11    POSTS: 221
RE: Summer Quarter Newsletter
POSTED: 9/24/12 11:38 AM

Hello swimmers!

I did not include this in the newsletter, but it should have been - remember, there is no practice this coming Wednesday, September 26 due to a staff meeting that will close all DCPR pools. A set will be provided for those of you that want to hop in the pool. Just picture your coaches yelling and cheering you along and it will get you moving :)

miataj's ravatar miataj    JOINED: 3/5/11    POSTS: 221
RE: Summer Quarter Newsletter
POSTED: 9/26/12 12:25 AM

Here is a swim set for Wednesday, September 26! Have a great session everyone! See you Friday.

Warm up: Utilize the warm up set provided in Monday’s newsletter

400 @ BI + :05 seconds per 100 – pace swim
2 x 75 @ 15 seconds rest – both FAST, all out swim
300 @ BI + :10 seconds per 100 – pace swim, middle 100 is drill
4 x 75 @ 20 seconds rest - #1, #3 and #4 are FAST, #2 is easy
200 @ BI + :15 seconds per 100 – pace swim
6 x 75 @ 10 seconds rest – odds FAST, evens easy
100 – FAST – see what kind of time you can hold
8 x 75 @ 20 seconds rest – odds easy recovery, evens drill

Total yardage:2500 yards

The yardage is less but the intensity is high! Do not take more rest than given! If swimming in a 50 meter pool, change the 75s to 50s. If you'd like to do more yardage, please do the following:

4 x 200 - first 50 @ 80%, descend the remaining 150 @ :30 seconds rest

Total yardage: 3300 yards

kst718's ravatar kst718    JOINED: 8/29/11    POSTS: 110
RE: Summer Quarter Newsletter: 1 Oct 2012
POSTED: 10/01/12 12:40 PM

Happy Monday, swimmers! We hope you had a good weekend, whether it was spent racing, training, or just relaxing. For many people, the off season is beginning soon, so it’s the perfect time to focus on what you enjoy about the triathlon lifestyle, or maybe take a few weeks to try something different. Maybe we’ll even incorporate butterfly into our swim workouts? (Just kidding—sorry, Jule!)

First, a quick shout-out to the DC2A (DC 2 Augusta) group who competed in the Ironman 70.3 Augusta race yesterday. The Masters team was well-represented, both on the racecourse and on the sidelines. (Cat wore a hot dog costume. Need we say more?) The results:

Amanda: 47th AG (24th in the swim!)
David: 248th AG (198th in the swim!)
Holli: 15th AG (8th in the bike!)
Jule: 48th AG (13th in the swim!)
Katie: 7th AG (3rd in the swim!)
Kyoko: 59th AG (PR in the swim!)
Paul: 236th AG (with a faster swim time than his Peasantman Sprint this May!)

Did anyone else race this weekend? Any more races this year? Rev 3 Half Full and Giant Acorn competitors, we’re looking at you!

Swim skill of the week: Effective ways to warm up for the swim Did you know that lots of stretching may actually be counterproductive? This short article includes a video of swimming-specific stretches for you to try.

Warmup set of the week (before practice starts):
300 swim
4 x 50 drill: take a stroke, glide on your side for a 5 count, then take a stroke. Really emphasize body rotation. :15 rest
4 x 50 swim, perfect stroke, focusing on body rotation

See you in the pool!

--Amanda, Cat, Holli, Jule, and Katie

kst718's ravatar kst718    JOINED: 8/29/11    POSTS: 110
RE: Summer Quarter Newsletter
POSTED: 10/08/12 1:29 PM

Happy Monday again, team! We hope you had a fun weekend and managed to avoid hypothermia yesterday. The pool is closed today but never fear, here's an alternative workout for another day, or perhaps you're lucky enough to have your own pool (in which case, let's be bff.)

Today's technique article and workout are located on the handy-dandy DC Tri page on the Wave One website:

Shout Out to this weekend's racers:

Rev 3 Half Full:
Brady got 6th in his age group!
Liana got 6th in her age group!

Big Acorn Oly: Olivia got 2nd in her age group! Elliott got 3rd in Clydesdales! Katie got 3rd in her age group!

Big Acorn Sprint: Elliott got 3rd in Clydesdales! (yes, again) Katie got 1st in her age group!

Sandbridge Hei Hei 4 Mile Paddleboard Race: Denis won his age group!

Exciting stuff all around. Look forward to seeing you in the pool on Wednesday!

~~Amanda, Cat, Holli, Jule, and Katie

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