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Where is the entrance to Dunbar Pool?
CREATED: 02/15/10 by jane REPLIES: 1
jane    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 4
Where is the entrance to Dunbar Pool?
POSTED: 2/15/10 7:29 PM

I went up there to swim recently but couldn't seem to find the entrance to the pool. What's the best door to use to get into the pool?

kebeebe    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 38
RE: Where is the entrance to Dunbar Pool?
POSTED: 2/15/10 8:23 PM

Ah, yes, it is far from intuitive. The school (its SW corner) sits on the corner of N st and New Jersey. Walk north on New Jersey to O st (you are still in front of the school, just now its NW corner). Turn right onto 0 st, you will see that in about 50 feet it turns left and becomes 3 rd st heading north. Follow it onto 3rd (still right next to the school), and turn right into the driveway just after the school building ends. Go straight into the parking lot almost to the end of the school building (you will be facing a lighter colored brick building at the far end, another city building). Near the end of the NE corner of the building is a set of stairs that goes UP (there is also a set going down, like to an english basement, those are not the steps) and meets a random looking door (something like a back emergency exit or what the janitors use). It will be unlocked and sometimes propped open if the weather is nice. Immediately inside you will be in a little entrance way with multiple door options. Go through the left most set and you will be at the north end of the room with the pool in it. VERY low key set-up. Hope this gets you there!

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