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Free Yogalates Class - December 11, 2013
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Free Yogalates Class - December 11, 2013
POSTED: 12/11/13 9:31 AM

Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy is holding a free Yogalates class this evening. Events details are provided below.

Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Time: 6:45pm - 7:45pm
Location: Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy, 2175 K Street, NW, Suite C-120, Washington, DC 20037 (next to Starbucks)
Fee: Free
RSVP: or 202-463-7611

Description: Yogalates is the perfect fusion of the teachings of yoga and Pilates. What one practice lacks, the other accounts for, making the integration of the two a recipe for whole body health and harmony.

The influence of yoga brings forth fluidity and flow, matching movement with breath to create a meditation-in-motion. Yoga encourages us to unite with our senses and our surroundings, always bringing us into the present moment. At the root of Pilates philosophy is core strength and stability with virtually all of the exercises requiring engagement of the core musculature, creating intentional and precise movement patterns.

This class will focus on intelligent movement, awareness of self, and utilization of the breath to foster coordination between mind, body, and spirit. We will flow through a variety of creative strengthening and flexibility sequences, always moving with intention. You will leave feeling invigorated, cleansed, and rejuvenated.

We look forward to having you join us!

Instructor: Caroline Buths is an experienced yogalates instructor, physical therapist, registered yoga instructor, and certified Pilates instructor. She is an excellent teacher who, when not motivating—and moving alongside—her clients, enjoys almost any activity that involves movement

This class is being presented by DC Tri Club Partner Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy (SSPT). For more information, please visit us at and

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